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Straight No Chaser: Orchids and Onions

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newOrchids: To Mayor Lovely Warren’s 40th surprise birthday celebration. Her husband Tim and company did a great job in keeping the celebration a definite surprise!!!

Orchids: To my second born grand-daughter, Jaeda Monique Taggart, who turned 26 years old today. My how time flies. And, for those who know Jaeda, she is still large and in charge, and writing out lists to confirm her requests are clear so there will be no mistakes.

Onions: To anyone choosing to do bodily harm, or take the life of another with the use of a firearm. Fighting fairly, getting your butt whipped, and forgetting about it seems to be a thing of the past. The violent nature many of our young folks have today is beyond scary, and it is a clear indication of their need to be raised properly.

Orchids: To all first responders who, on a daily basis put their lives in harm’s way, whether you are a policeman, a fireman, or an EMT. I applaud you for the job that you do. Where the respect for you has gone is a mystery to me. When I was a child, the three people we were taught to respect were policemen, teachers and preachers. What has happened??

Onions: To mayoral candidates attempting to throw dirt, and smear our current mayor. Not one of them has any record, or experience to stand on. And, the only way the media will even mention them is when they are saying something negative. They need to find ways to make better career choices, because replacing our current mayor is not anything that reasonable voters will be considering. Lovely Ann Warren is doing a FANTASTIC job.

Orchids: To my stepson Wallace Terrell Taggart. He is getting married on July 15, and I am sure his father would be more than proud of him. God bless you!!

Orchids: To Sabrina LaMar and Cecelia Golden, who are both running for RCSD School Board Commissioner seats. Even though I believe the board should be dismantled, it makes sense to add fresh, new, intelligent ideas and energy, rather than to keep the riff raff who have made little to no improvements. I say, out with the old, and in with the NEW. Some may also recall that, previously, Cecelia had been acting superintendent. She would bring much knowledge to the table. VOTE for the two of them, and leave the others by the wayside. They are all mouth and no action.

Orchids: To Willie Lightfoot, who would be a great choice for City Council. He is a tried and true community servant, and a chip off the old block. He loves his people, so don’t forget him on primary day!! The party did not see fit to designate him, so we must show them how wrong they were!! Vote for Willie Lightfoot.

Orchids: To my choices for City Council, which include two incumbents who are always about their business, and two newcomers, who are new to City Council, but not to the political arena. They are (drum roll, please!!) Loretta Scott, Dana Miller, Willie Lightfoot and Malik Evans.

Onions: To the Facebook Freaks, both male and female, who send out scandalous pictures of their private body parts. I can’t believe Facebook questions and shuts down people for less, but yet allows these pictures to make it to someone’s inbox. It seems to be an epidemic. If you have to post naked pictures of yourself to get some attention, I feel sorry for you. And anyone that nasty is more than likely transmitting the kind of diseases one probably can’t get rid of, in my opinion. I can’t believe anyone is that desperate, or would consider such an act to be acceptable.

Orchids: And, welcome, to the new deputy mayor, Dr. Cedric L. Alexander. His presence in the mayor’s administration is a plus. He is a classy, intelligent, and seasoned professional. If you have not read his book, “The New Guardians,”  treat yourself to some knowledge.

Orchids: To Rodney Virgo Brown, and his latest publication. The Southwest Tribune Newspaper will be published three times a week. May God bless his ambition, and his plan to get “fact-based news”  into the community. We can never have enough print media that tells OUR story. He and Monroe County Legislator LaShay Harris will also be tying to tie the knot soon, after dating for seven years. CONGRATS!!!

Orchids: To the 40th birthday celebration of our mayor, Lovely Ann Warren.  Her husband Tim pulled the surprise party off without a hitch. The food was delicious, and everyone was talking about how Aunt Margie put her foot in that mac and cheese! Don’t forget to get out and vote! We must return our mayor to City Hall so she can continue to do great things for our community, because she chooses to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

Onions: To the folks who have recently found hospitals, emergency rooms, and other public places to be the appropriate spaces to continue or start a fight with someone. These acts of violence have continued to demonstrate who is most in need of proper raising. Fighting in public venues appears to have spread to what should be safe venues, like hospitals. What is the world coming to?

Orchids: To Dr. Leonard Brock, for his consistent efforts to eradicate poverty in our community. But, he can’t do it alone. I also think he should be a serious consideration to replace James Norman when he retires from ABC in December. I don’t see the need to waste money on a nationwide search when we have homegrown talent right here in River City. Doc Leonard needs to have the chains taken off him, report to his OWN board, and to be a little more flexible and freer than he is now, in my opinion. I see him in handcuffs that need to be removed. Sit down, haters!!!

Orchids: To WAYO – 104.4 FM, and the diverse programming the station has designed for its listeners. I applaud Avery T. Blackman, Kenny Jean, Amen Ptah, and the many others who are sharing the different music, guests, and knowledge that our community needs. It is a nice change of pace. Promote, promote, promote!!!

Onions: To the mayoral candidates who think that their constant criticism and nit-picking is going to get them elected. They like playing “gotcha,” when they think they’ve found a flaw. But they are wasting their time trying to unseat someone who has something they don’t, which is a RECORD of accomplishments. I can’t wait to see that mud hole that is about to be stomped in them.

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