Tuesday 29 November 2022
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Straight No Chaser: Philosophically, Media Whores Sleep Together

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newThe harder I try to ignore them, the more I’m reminded that, philosophically, local media whores sleep together. And, these “media whores,” which is a phrase commonly used to describe those who constantly pursue the media spotlight, attempt to control any information they can, whether it be in written format on the internet, or via the radio, and television air waves.

Unfortunately, when it comes to whites supporting those who look like them, the objectivity I always hope for seems to go straight out the window.

For example, I have tried over and over again to give Evan Dawson credit for being one of the fairest local journalists.

I’ve always believed many still have far to go to reach the level of objectivity he’s demonstrated in the past.

I’m not saying he’s always been fair, but whatever respect I used to have for him has gone missing after he chose to have Rachel Barnhart on his show Connections for a second time.

His demeanor, agreement with some of her remarks, and failure to challenge her statements, which bordered on racism, should be challenged.

Perhaps we can petition WXXI to have him replaced, because, in my opinion, he recently did the community a disservice, and I am not happy about it.

After his hour-long show, during which I was kept on hold for more than 30 minutes, I posted the following on Facebook:

PSA: From where I sit, Evan Dawson appears to be endorsing Rachel Barnhart, and he seemingly comes across as an enemy to the mayor. I waited 30 minutes to ask her a question on his Connections show today, and I am convinced he refused to let me through. My questions for her, that I did not get to ask, were simply where she will find the revenue to fund her ridiculous budget proposal, if she cuts taxes by 50 percent? (This was asked by another caller.) Second, why is she misleading the public about distancing herself from the Albany lobbyist, who is one of her alleged key advisers, that I have charged with punching me in my face in front of witnesses in Albany February 2017. She stated that she abhors violence against women in the D&C, when the media reported the story, but there have been recent reported sightings of the two of them together in the ROC, him at her house, and her going into the apt he rents from Ron Thomas. Am I not a woman? She also suggested on the show that only she and Jim Sheppard had support from the white community. Seriously??!! How racist, polarizing and condescending is she? Talk about FAKE journalism….not much objectivity going on today!!!”

Ultimately,  I determined posting my concerns on Facebook did not go far enough, and I felt the need to let my readers know how disrespected I felt by Evan Dawson, since he decided not to put my question through.

There was not one other question in the queue, or allowed the whole time I patiently waited.

I envisioned him and his buddy passing unseen notes, and him alerting her to who the next caller was.

I am confident she did not want to entertain any questions from me, and that Evan likely complied, but isn’t that what the white media does???

They protect one another, and withhold facts that may matter to the black community.

In a well-written paper authored by the former opponent of our current mayor, Jim Bowers, Bowers has clearly outlined how the white media is locked in step.

He also clearly names names, describing how certain media members control what we hear and read.

One of the main things that gives me pause when it comes to Mr. Dawson is that when Rachel said she and Jim Sheppard are the only two candidates that have attracted white voters, Dawson did not challenge such a racist statement.

She went on to suggest that black folks  are the ONLY ones voting for Mayor Lovely Warren, but not whites.

I don’t know how to break it to Rachel, or even to Evan, but our mayor does have whites as a part of her constituency, not just blacks.

And, what a RACIST comment to make.

How superior and entitled does Rachel think she is?

She does not recognize any of her condescending flaws.

She is right about one thing though, I don’t know many who look like me that plan to support her, or to vote for her.

She is way too arrogant for words.

And, according to the calls of support I’ve received from the community, she is continuing to mislead the public.

Her love for women, and her concern about violence against women is apparently a false claim.

She stated in the Democrat and Chronicle, when news about my being punched in the face hit the media, that she abhors violence, and that she called her alleged former adviser, and requested he stay in Albany to attend to his legal issues.

However, according to folks who have SEEN them together, this is just another lie she told the public.

He has been seen going in her house, and she to his apartment that he rents from Baden Street director, Ron Thomas.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

You claim you care about women’s issues.

Am I not a woman, Rachel?

Finally, let the record show, I am more than disgusted by Rachel’s disrespect for my mayor.

She is not “Lovely” to you she is “Mayor Warren” whether you like it or not.

She serves in the capacity, and is the executive of our city, much to your chagrin.

You would do well to address her with an ounce of respect, regardless of how jealous you are of this beautiful black woman who is occupying the seat you will never have.

Dream on, dreamer.

All of the “media whores” who sleep together, philosophically, are proof of why we, in our community, need our own media, with news reported by those who truly represent us and our concerns, OBJECTIVELY!!

We don’t need to continue to support game-players who misuse their powers of influence.

Let’s replace them.

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