Thursday 2 February 2023
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Straight No Chaser: Poor People Were Being Pimped at RHA

gloria_winston_al-sarag2In the real world, it seems when someone has been named to a position, it does not matter how he or she has gotten there.

When a black man or woman has been elected, chosen, selected or appointed to a position of power; a monsoon is likely coming.

Though I do believe the Rochester Housing Authority board may have acted a little hastily in removing Alex Castro, what I don’t understand is why the reasons for his firing have been overshadowed by its choice to replace him.

Adam McFadden is as qualified as all the rest, from where I sit.

Why is no one questioning the alleged eight million dollars in loans that seemingly concerned the board?

Why is no one questioning the relationship between the former director, and the disgruntled former board member, who now make every press conference?

Why is no one questioning the reportedly iron-clad, million-dollar contract which the former board approved for the prior director under the guise of, “We did not want to lose him?”

Why is no one giving credit to the new board, and its leadership, for working in the interest of the residents, who are those they have been charged to serve?

Why has racism in 2014 not been apparent to pundits in search of a Pulitzer Prize, at the expense of already-embattled, but worthy, public servant, Adam McFadden?

Why is the mayor blamed for everything?

What is clear to me is that the RHA board, under the leadership of Carol Schwartz, in their haste to protect themselves and prevent what they must have known was coming, had secret meetings under the guise of “executive sessions” to attempt to secure themselves.

They knew when the mayor had been elected, change was coming, and; rightfully so, because anyone who had been pimping poor people like they were should be gone.

Grown folks were appointed to the RHA board, and grown folks made a decision.

I think the media has given far too much credit to the mayor at times, because this time around, some have been suggesting every appointment she has made, anywhere, has been with a puppeteer string attached.

If I had been an appointee, I would find it more than insulting, for someone to suggest I have no mind, or intelligence, of my own.

The new board made the decision to put the garbage on the curb for pick up, and that is where it should stay.

I think it has been disgusting to say the least.

The lines have clearly been drawn in the sand on this one.

Let’s be honest, folks.

I think the so called outrage, concern and media focus on the firing of the former Hispanic RHA director, Alex Castro, has had little to do with process, and more to do with money, and who will control it.

And, what I have found more interesting, within the Hispanic community, is how often the usually silent, status-quo politicians have now been so frequently quoted.

Sometimes, the Hispanics have been so quiet, and seemingly unconcerned, about community issues; I have forgotten we’ve even had any on the school board and/or city council.

Everything which has been said out loud lately has reeked of nothing more than hypocrisy to me.

I don’t know anything about Alex Castro, or his so-called credentials, but the outrage at the fact that Adam McFadden has been appointed interim director for three months stinks to high heaven.

And, if this were not a family paper, I would have no problem telling my readers what it really smells like.

Why has the Hispanic community been so quiet when it comes to failure in the Rochester City School District?

Why didn’t they have anything to say about RCSD Superintendent Bolgen Vargas pushing people out of Parent Involvement in the RCSD?

Why have they been so accepting of the continued failure coming out of his administration?

Oh, I get it; if a person is Hispanic, then his or her incompetence has been acceptable.

I guess that means, as long as a black man has not been recommended as a replacement, then we are fine with each other?

What a crock.

The day Hispanics realize, recognize, and accept the African blood in their heritage, they might just be able to support their other brothers and sisters consistently.

I repeat, I would like to think the chairman of the RHA board dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” before firing Alex Castro.

I would also like to think he had the support of the majority of board members in making the decision to do so.

But, what I am most curious about is how folks in the media, on social media and via emails, have been trying to blame the mayor.

She made some appointments.

So what?

Are her detractors really trying to convince an intelligent public that those she appointed to the board have not been able to think for themselves?

The mayor, much like President Obama, just gets blamed for EVERYTHING.

What is it about politics that some novices fail to realize?

Who appoints his or her enemies to anything?

I would think that person to only be a fool.

It is what it is.

You can call it by any other name, but that person would be a dumb politician; if they did not put people in place who supported them.

My first reaction to the news was, “It is about time!”

I certainly do applaud George Moses, for having the guts to take on the challenge.

I am sure he knew it would not happen without major controversy.

Hopefully, when all is said and done, his leadership will stay intact, as well as those who have supported him in this decision.

In addition, I was outraged by the alleged iron-clad contract Castro had.

It appears as though he had been trying to be director for life, and retire from the RHA much like Mayor Tom Richards did from RG&E, even though he would have been short at least $9 million of the $10 million Richards got.

But, I digress.

Is no one in this community questioning the contract he had?

And, if it had been a white man appointed as interim director, would anyone have made a sound?

Of course not.

Black men always have, and seemingly always will, catch hell in America; especially in Rochester.

If the budget was $100, no one would even care.

Trust me; this is also about the money, and who gets to control it!

That is the bottom line.

Black men aren’t supposed to be intelligent enough to head agencies with this kind of budget.

However, I think there have been more than enough agencies serving poor people of color that should be headed by folks who look like them, and are not.

Stay tuned.

I am confident we will conquer them, one scandalous directorship at a time.

If you are getting paid to serve the poor, serving yourself should become UNACCEPTABLE.

Currently, why it has not, is the $62,000,000 question.

The bottom line is, black men and women have been just as qualified as others, regardless of what those creating smoke screens have tried to suggest.

It seems to me that the former RHA director perfected the art of pimping, and got caught.

Poor folks were being pimped royally, once again.