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Straight, No Chaser: POTUS 45 Seems To Be Unraveling

Gloria Winston

Op/Ed by Gloria Winston –

Wrap me in a sheet, sit me on a mountaintop and call me Moses.—That’s how I feel sometimes when I sense things about folks and then they come true. I predicted he (Trump) would become our POTUS, remember? Well, unfortunately for America that turned out to be true. Now I think the heat in the kitchen is causing him to unravel.

From where I sit we have lost our value globally, domestically with ridiculous actions that have come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I don’t think he listens to one adviser and it is alleged that, unlike others who have sat in the Oval Office, he does not accept daily briefings from staff.

Since the mid-term elections last week, I’ve noticed a mental decline in 45. I don’t have one credential to back up what I feel but I don’t think I am the only one who has noticed his already combative behavior getting worse. The recent trip to Paris is an example. To think, how taxpayers spent all that money to transport him and his wife to Paris to honor fallen soldiers; and, what did he do? From some reports, he first insulted the President of Paris upon arriving and then allegedly due to the “rain” he failed to participate in the ceremony he was expected to attend. What was reported is that due to the weather, Secret Service would not allow him to do so.

Well I find that explanation more than suspect. I am someone, when I worked for Rev, Jesse L. Jackson’s first Presidential bid, (Jackson worked closely with Secret Service schedules and clearance of those planning to be in his presence.) Weather, to my knowledge seldom factored in when Secret Service made a recommendation about events he would attend. My first thought was there may have been threats that were not publicized and he was kept away for security reasons. But to my knowledge 45 could have over-ruled Secret Service if he wanted to.—He did not want to!

And, to come home and not participate in the Veterans Day annual celebration at Arlington Cemetery was another insulting act I find deplorable and disrespectful to all who have served and currently serve in our armed forces.

This man is beyond being a sore loser and appears to be pouting at the losses the GOP encountered in the mid-terms. The fat lady has not sung yet and we may still celebrate additional wins in Georgia and Florida. Black faces my still occupy the ‘governors mansions in those states and the thought alone seems to be something most racists find hard to accept.

The attempt to steal elections does not appear to be working like it used to. Whoever pushed through the idea that the old voting machines needed replacing with the new high tech pieces of bureaucracy are making money. I have said time and time again, the only way you could beat the old machines with levers was to allow someone to vote more than once. The machines with levers were what we need to return to. The paper ballots are problematic. With the old machine, at the end of the day, you unlock the back, read the numbers and were out of the electoral site within 15 minutes. Now, election inspectors are lucky to make it home before midnight with all the paperwork, seals and transcribing that takes place. As an election inspector going on 40 years it is RIDICULOUS, what we have to endure in the name of security. Proud to say that NY State was one of the last states to hold out this forced change. Someone is making BIG money off the new machines and I heard it just might be 45 and family.

Look at the way 45 has created more of a racial divide in our country. Look at how he disrespects reporters—he doesn’t understand that the pen is more powerful than the sword. His authoritarian style is dangerous and makes me worry. He has no respect for free speech unless you are agreeing with his misguided sense of policy and change. He spends too much time on the golf course and it seems his only agenda is to dismantle Obama’s accomplishments. He really appears to despise all people of color and women. Sometime I think he wants to be the founding father of WWIII or promote a Civil War. The hate he spews is out of character for someone who sits in the White House.

The way he has separated immigrant children from their families shows how much respect he has for families. His 4th grade education should remind him we are a country of immigrants, especially his family and former wives. When he talks about DACA children is he not referring to his own son?

He claims to have degrees but speaks like an elementary grade school child. I suspect he bought every piece of paper he claims he has educationally. Seldom does he speak in complete sentences. And why is Twitter a choice of communication?—Seems more than childish to me. Is there a grown man inside of him that might surprise us and act like an adult one day or is this recent behavior that has him hiding at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue reason to be concerned about his mental state? Please keep him away from buttons.

What we have representing us as POTUS is a sad sham; So embarrassing. He wishes he had Obama’s dignity, and so do I. Come on 2020. Let us rid our country of this “nationalist”. He has shown that he can’t handle the pressure and is more than a sore loser. We can and we must do so much better!!

Gloria Winston is a Community Activist, Writer, Communicator, and Political Activist. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with numerous community organizations in Rochester. Contact Gloria at:

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