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Straight No Chaser: Rachel Barnhart Is the Delusional One!

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newHaving made promises to myself that I would shed no light on Rachel Barnhart, or her pitiful attempts to become mayor, I must first apologize to myself for breaking that promise.

But, after listening to her call my mayor delusional, I have decided it is time to take “Miz Fairness” to task, since she claims she slings no mud.

She also went as far as to suggest on her Facebook page that my mayor was a liar.

I can’t let you get away with that, Rachel, especially when your pants are on fire.

You know what they say, people in glass houses should never throw stones. You need to sweep around your own front door before you attack anyone.

You, of all people, have a campaign that is riddled with scandal, falsehoods, and delusions of grandeur.

Clearly, I can’t be objective, because of my love, loyalty, and support for Lovely Ann Warren, who is not only qualified to be mayor, but is darn good at it.

The fact that you have read lots of city legislation, and your Twitter blog has received a few awards, according to your shallow resume, “Miz Blowhard,” may qualify you to become a librarian; however, I fail to see any credentials that would suggest you would be a better mayor than Lovely Ann Warren.

She not only graduated from law school, she PASSED the bar exam, unlike some in your camp.

She is an intelligent, educated, experienced, people-person, with Christian and family values that you can’t touch.

You, in my staunch opinion, are no more than an inexperienced, silly little girl who suffers from a sense of entitlement because you are JEALOUS of this beautiful black woman who genuinely has a legacy, one which she EARNED with community service, and true political involvement.

Instead of cherry-picking her accomplishments, how about considering the totality of the ones she so eloquently highlighted in the State of the City address you crashed, looking for attention.

The event was standing-room only, with no social media announcements.

Can you do that??

I think not!!

The mayor’s other traits that you fail to possess include her experience as an executive, manager, supervisor, and seasoned leader.

She has led organizations like the Rochester Black Bar Association, and she has too many positive traits to mention in this space.

The mayor has also created many programs to better our community, as well as her constituency.

No one in my community even likes you Rachel.

Go sit down somewhere.

Your agenda has always been interpreted as racist, and uncaring.

And, the fact that you act like what happened to me is a moot point is no surprise to me at all.

Many have been asking why you left the 25th legislative district’s committee meeting early, on April 26.

I know why. You sat in that room, counted your votes, and discovered that you had none.

You and your joke of a campaign then attempted to capitalize on my mayor’s SRO crowd at her State of The City address.

You probably received more press that night than you have in months.

However, you can’t put a lampshade on a star, Rachel.

And, my mayor is a star, whether you like it or not.

She is loved, and respected in all four corners of Rochester.

You are respected and supported mostly by suburban racists who can’t even vote for you.

And, I heard that you are having a hard time raising money. You and your campaign are pitiful.

Let’s also discuss the men you’ve attracted to your campaign.

One of your alleged key advisers punched me in my face in Albany, as many people already know.

You heard about it, and you also claimed that you called him, after the press got busy, and told him you thought he should stay in Albany to attend to his legal matters.

You also claimed to abhor violence.

I believe your alleged concerns were published in the Democrat and Chronicle around Feb. 21.

Well, I hear Mr. Gaddy has recently been seen with you, which suggests that what was published in the D&C was far from being the truth.

Does that make you a LIAR??

I heard he was seen lurking outside the 25th legislative district’s committee meeting that I was scheduled to attend.

NOT good!!! Was he there to intimidate me?

More importantly, I think it speaks to the fact that you don’t REALLY care about women who have been abused, harassed, or bullied at the hands of men who may be capable of VIOLENCE.

How do you justify his presence in your campaign???

I was also told your campaign manager has been bragging about working with Mr. Gaddy. How is that possible, if you have DISTANCED yourself from him?

Who is a liar and delusional now??

No one in my community will ever forget what you did to the mayor, after she got elected.

You followed another yellow journalist’s lead, and attempted to crucify and humiliate the mayor while her grandfather lay dying in a hospital.

What kind of person are you, really? How can you care about a community when, time after time, your only priority seems to be furthering your agenda?

And, your platform has gaping holes in it.

How do you think you are going to increase child care slots to 1,000?

You are so clueless about the process.

Just in case you are unaware, that would be the county government’s role, not the city’s.

And, you said you plan to decrease everyone’s taxes by 50 percent?

Anyone who believes that is as delusional as you are.

You claim “integrity” means something to your campaign? Where is yours?

If you have so much integrity, then how is it that your campaign manager was allegedly FIRED from Monroe County’s legislative staff for sexual harassment?

Is that TRUE???

That is a STRONG rumor that is circulating around your campaign.

Wow!! You sure can pick ’em!!!

From men who punch 71-year-old handicapped women in the face, to those who have allegedly been dismissed for sexual harassment, it appears you may need to secure some additional integrity for your campaign’s advisers and leadership.

And, for the record, I have had members of the Monroe County Legislature advise me that the firing is true.

In closing, for those of you who have claimed to have my back, please note that I do have an order of protection against Mr. Gaddy, and I would like to request that you call 911 immediately if I am in a meeting anywhere, and unaware that the person who punched me in my face is in the vicinity.

No bullying will be tolerated.

And, since Rachel does not care about my well-being, or safety as a woman, I will have to trust that others do.

I have taken his threat to kill me seriously, even if Rachel hasn’t.

Her fake concerns about woman’s issues begin with ME, as far as I am concerned.

And, her claim that she has distanced herself from her alleged key adviser does not appear to be true.

It sounds like she is DELUSIONAL to me.

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