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Straight No Chaser: Reporters Give Barnhart Too Many Passes

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newSomething has been troubling me for some time now. Even though the primary election is over, and getting 16 percent of the vote should have been embarrassing enough for Rachel Barnhart, I wonder why it is that she continues to get a pass, and why every piece of venom she spits at others continues to be published.

Just like the white media has failed to call the suspect in the Las Vegas murders a terrorist, our local media has failed to ask the right questions about Rachel’s employment, and how she ran a full-time campaign while she was allegedly being paid to raise money for Baden Street.

Is it a media thing, that she should get a pass instead of being asked the obvious questions?

Do local investigative journalists have a sisterhood, or a brotherhood that the least of us know about?

The fact that she’s filed bogus lawsuits, and made scandalous accusations against the mayor, Arnie Rothschild and others seems to have gotten her a front row seat in local news media, but no one seems to have asked the questions they should.

First of all, no one in the media has questioned why she said she distanced herself from one of her male advisers.

I can’t call him a man, because real men don’t hit women.

My computer will not allow me to call him a man, especially after he pleaded GUILTY to the charges I filed against him.

Rachel told the media then that she ‘d immediately called him, and asked him to stay in Albany to take care of his legal issues.

And, according to an expose written by the D&C’s David Andreatta, he does have legal issues.

Even though I’ve heard that community members have seen him with Rachel more than a few times since then, no one has ever called her prior statement into question.

In addition to that, no one has ever mentioned the fact that her campaign manager was fired as Monroe County legislative staff for sexual harassment.

And, no one in the local media, to my knowledge, has ever questioned the scandal and mistruths that were associated with her campaign.

Instead, what they have done is turn a blind eye to her scandal-ridden campaign, and focused only on her attempts to discredit others.

In the end, she received 16 percent of the vote because God don’t like ugly!

The following are a series of questions that good investigative reporters should take a look at, going forward.

(I don’t profess to be anything other than opinionated, and one who is unafraid to say out loud what others are probably thinking.)

Reporters should begin by asking who paid for at least one of her insulting mailings.

Checking her financial records should reveal WHO remained as one of her key associates and advisers, and spent lots of time in Rochester, while he was still trying to intimidate others.

I heard he even went so far as to leave a copy of a deposition under one of my witnesses’ car windshields. He hardly did that from Albany.

But, the question I really have is why no one has investigated why someone who was allegedly working for a non-profit, under the guise of fundraising, didn’t do any fundraising while she was running her full-time campaign?

Who was really paying her, and how much?

I am alleging that she was on a not-for-profit’s full-time payroll, while she only raised money for herself.

Is that not a conflict of interest?

Is that not a crime?

If she were found guilty, would she not be a criminal, much like she has called others?

Investigative reporters should also be asking how she allegedly got a job at Baden Street as a fundraiser, with no background or experience in the area.

She has as about much experience fundraising as the qualifications she thought she had to lead this city.

Ought, naught, zero.

Baden’s executive director also needs to explain to the public, and to this community, just how her employment came to be.

How insulting it must be for the man who has to keep Baden Street’s doors open using state resources to now feel he has to secure money to pay someone who has proven over the years to be worse than a enemy, a genuine Judas to him.

Is this why I heard Cynthia Elliott walked door-to-door, hand-in-hand with Rachel during the petition process?

Did she do this via the insistence of her golf-playing boss?

What reporters should be asking is how much NEW money Rachel has raised for the organization to date.

I have been told she has not raised a single dime, and that she was merely being paid to run her campaign out of the non-profit’s offices.

Where are the records?

As a not-for-profit, these records should be public.

She was also getting paid to raise money for Baden Street, and/or other agencies, while she campaigned for herself at the same time.

This is more than a conflict of interest, from where I sit.

Her employment, and apparent conflicts, are both ethical and moral violations.

Instead of worrying about DOVE soap, this community needs to pay more attention to how a Black institution has evolved to subsidize and pay for an alleged racist, while no one questions it.

Time sheets and financial records should be FOILED.

Rachel Barnhart is living in a glass house, and she needs to stop throwing stones.

Her actions need to be called into question.

She knows how to create a smoke screen that keeps the truth away from her.

The investigative reporters who focus on whose grass is cut, or what lawsuit Rachel filed should be ashamed to have the truth staring them in the face, while they continue to act like there is nothing happening.

Why is that?

Sorry, I can’t pretend to be objective about someone who, for years, has been so unkind to my friends and my community.

She is one of the most negative personalities this community claims as one of its own.

I am concerned about why her actions have not been questioned.

She is someone who thinks she is superior, and that the community is full of stupid fools who will continue to give her a pass.

Someone needs to tell the truth about her.

Ask anyone who was in high school with her what she really qualifies for.

I will never forget how insensitive she and Bob Lonsberry were, and how she treated the mayor and her family, as the mayor’s grandfather lay dying in a hospital bed.

Rachel Barnhart gets no PASS from me.

Especially when she continues to embrace someone who hit me in my mouth, and has bragged about it.

I was also told Cynthia Elliott celebrated the fact, as well.

God bless you, Cynthia.

Birds of a feather apparently do flock together.

However, to Cynthia’s credit, I was also told she has raised the only new money that has come to Baden Street, but it is Rachel who is on the payroll to do so.

How much is Rachel being paid to perpetrate what seems to be a fraud?

Local reporters need to EXPOSE her for who she really is.

Dig deeper, and you will find more than dog poop in her history.

The public deserves the TRUTH!!!! Reporters who are getting paid to expose the truth need to do their jobs!!

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