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Straight No Chaser: Rochester’s Home Grown Terrorists Strike Again

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston


gloria newThe temperatures have hardly risen above 70 degrees in Rochester, and the foolishness that some have found to be acceptable has already begun.

These home-grown terrorists, those who have hardly been raised to respect themselves, and others, have geared up to raise hell all summer, at public events and venues.

They are on the move.

The Lilac Festival, a couple of weeks ago, fell victim to the actions of those individuals.

And, once again, families attempting to enjoy the sights with their children had to run, and duck for cover.

If it is fear these terrorists have been attempting to instill in others, they are doing a great job.

The attendance at this year’s Lilac Festival will likely have shamefully declined because of these young folks, who obviously see no wrong in what they are doing.

I agree with Councilman Adam McFadden on this one.

It is time for parents to be held accountable for raising these thugs.

Parents who are guilty of using public events as a babysitting service, as opposed to spending time with their children, and actually monitoring what they are doing.

The first thing parents need to do before turning their monsters loose on society is to make sure they know how to act.

We have too many with a pit bull, raid-dog mentality, who could care less about who they are hurting, including themselves.

How sad is that?

Teaching them self-respect, for themselves and others, begins at HOME, not in the streets.

These are the same terrorists teachers fear because they have been sent to school with the same set of values they showed at the Lilac Festival.

If they knew better, they would do better.

However, the time has come for parents to be held ACCOUNTABLE for their offspring.

Those of us who have actually been raised well, probably assume that all children have been.

Clearly, this is not the case.

And, if it means fining or jailing parents, I am all for it, because, to be afraid to attend what has traditionally been an enjoyable, peaceful event is not the way things should be.

Why should anyone have to think twice about attending a festival, concert, or going to the beach?

Times may have changed, but a lack of moral fiber needs to be tracked back to those who are responsible for instilling it their kids. Kids they are supposed to be raising, not just dressing.

This not the first time I have attempted to address this issue. I don’t know what has gone wrong with society. But, I can guarantee you they are not MY kids and grandkids, out there acting like damn fools.

I raised mine well.

Mine were taught to run from trouble, not to engage in it.

And, when we had NEIGHBORHOODS, and could clearly boast of being a community where everyone knew everyone, we did not dare engage in improper behavior, around ANY adult.

We did not fight in front of them.

We did not smoke in front of them, and we did not use curse words in front of them.

We were raised properly.

And, in being raised properly, we learned how to raise our own children.

Obviously, we have recently allowed an element into our community that could care less about what their children are doing when they are out in public, or in school.

As I have said more than once, there are NO bad children, but there are lots of BAD PARENTS.

And, generation after generation, there have been turf wars with young folks.

Fights are not new.

However, what is new, is the way the safety of others, who are not involved, has been ignored.

What is new, are the weapons that are being brought to the fight, in addition to their fists.

As a young person, I was truly a fighter.

We used to FIGHT.

The difference is, we NEVER fought in front of adults. As a matter of fact, if we were fighting, and an adult approached the fight scene, we would automatically stop, and resume when the adult was out of view.

That is the kind of respect we used to have.

And, whoever lost the fight did not go home to get a weapon of choice, and return to take someone’s LIFE.

That was unheard of.

If you got beaten, you just learned to take the whipping, and respect whoever gave it to you.

However, there was no revenge-seeking that would make anyone fear for their lives.

I am convinced the violent behavior some of these young folks have recently brought to the streets has come from what they are witnessing in their homes.

I am also convinced the angriest of these modern-day terrorists may not only have mental health issues, but they may also have been victims of child abuse themselves. Some may also actually have been victims of sexual abuse, and may be afraid to tell someone, so they are internalizing their anger, and venting on society every chance they get.

I am certainly no psychologist, but I have lived long enough to understand some of the behaviors we are currently dealing with.

However, at the end of the day, so-called “parents” are the ones who need to be checked.

Maybe we should follow those children home, who have been a part of these terrorist acts, and the problems just might become evident.

These kids are not coming from stable homes.

All the military schools and charter schools in America sound like great plans, but they will mean nothing if we don’t recognize babies who are raising babies, without the benefit of being raised themselves, are an issue we need to examine and resolve.


If you are big enough to bring a child into this world, then stop assuming it is someone else’s job to RAISE that child.

Lessons BEGIN at home.

We may need a village to raise a child, but that does not mean that, as a parent, you are no longer responsible for your child’s actions!!

What they are being taught at home is what follows them out the door.

These home-grown terrorists are also living next door to someone.

Put some laws on the books, Adam.

Let’s start fining and/or arresting those parents who haven’t recognized that their responsibility for their kids does not end with dropping them off at the park!!

Let’s rid our community of this unwelcome element, that I consider to be HOME-GROWN TERRORISTS.

I am saddened, embarrassed, and even fear attending events I used to enjoy because of them.

We have the power to stop these actions. So, let’s do it!

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