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Straight No Chaser: The Intelligent Choices to Make on Primary Day, Sept. 12

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newConsider this week’s column to be a reminder that Tuesday, September 12, 2017, is primary day in Rochester.

And, since I’ve periodically received calls from those who have been unsure of who they will vote for, please consider my choices to be the intelligent and necessary ones that will exact the potential for change.

There is not much more I can say that I have not already said regarding my support for Mayor Lovely Ann Warren retaining her seat in City Hall.

She has, to date, been a phenomenal mayor, and she has served her constituency objectively, in the caring manner which is indicative of her strength.

This intelligent, educated woman does not pretend to love the community in which she grew up.

After college and law school, she could have chosen to live anywhere, but, instead, she returned to her roots in an effort to give back to her community.

She is a leader among leaders.

And, not only is she the one candidate in the race with a blemish-free track record, she is the only person who has shown this city how much she cares for every resident within its city limits.

One of her opponents seems to support men who abuse women, and the other was the worst chief of police this city has ever seen.

So, let’s do the right thing, and give our mayor four more years to continue making our city a great place to live.

BTW, I’ve also heard her opponents have been paying folks to put out lawn signs in their yards.

If I had to pay someone to put up a yard sign for me, I would be too embarrassed to run for the position of dog catcher.

The following is an excerpt from Bruce Popper, vice president of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East:

“…Our mayor, Lovely Warren, is one such rare individual. She believes that diversity is our strength, not the other way around. She believes that our city should be an engine of opportunity, not a parking lot for those without hope. She fights every day for workers, for families, and for all the residents of our city.

She knows that moving mountains is no easy task. She knows that turning around the forces that have divided us is not accomplished overnight. Yet, she perseveres. That, brothers and sisters, is called leadership. And, in our time, progressive leadership is our most pressing need.”

I second that emotion!!

There are also four seats available on City Council, and my candidate choices for those seats should come as no surprise.

I support current City Council President Loretta Scott, and current Vice President Dana Miller.

Both are incumbents who have always moved forward progressively, and they work well together.

I also support Willie Lightfoot, whose genuine love for his community has seemed to come as naturally to him as it did to his father.

He is a natural politician, and a man of God who, when he’s not in office, is constantly serving his community in a variety of ways.

I am voting for Malik Evans for the exact same reasons.

His spirit is rooted in the legacy of the community, and few can argue his love for his community, although he has not been free from controversy.

But, as a result of his position on the school board, I think this was a natural decision for him to run for an office where he can help to do more, based on his upbringing, and his exposure to politics at a very young age.

I also think he would be an asset to City Council, where he could continue to work on behalf of the least of us.

As for Rochester City School District school board commissioners, I would like to encourage bullet voting for two candidates ONLY.

One would be Sabrina LaMar, and the other would be Cecelia Golden.

There is no way I can possibly justify returning ANY incumbents to the school board.

Cynthia Elliott started out right, but she has ended up wrong.

Now that she is Miz V.P. she has been silenced.

And, I still can’t believe she has walked door-to-door in support of that yellow journalist running against Lovely Ann Warren.

There is no justification for stabbing the people in the back who’ve supported her, and worked for her, like she has this year.

And, I am sure her carpet-bagging, golf-playing boss has his fingerprints all over her decision to back-stab the mayor, or so I’ve heard at the swap meet.

They both deserve to be run out of town on a rail of for allowing the JUDAS in themselves to come to the surface, although I guess it must have been there all along.

Cynthia is no longer a sistuh-girl to me, she’s just another dishonest school board member, who’s sold us out for a few pieces of silver.

Seriously, Cynthia, RACHEL??

A vote for Van White is also a waste of time.

How quickly we forget.

He is getting paid to keep our children stupid.

He also DEFENDED a pedophile in court, and has arrogantly attempted to justify the decision.

Money is apparently more important to him than the safety of our children.

However, it seems this fickle community quickly forgets, then rewards the enemy with the oversight of their children’s education over and over again.

Both he and Miz Elliott have done NOTHING to improve the education of our children in the RCSD.

And, as for the Brighton Town Council, if I could vote in Brighton, my choice would be Robin Reynolds Wilt.

Robin is a chip off the old block.

Those who are my age may remember her dad, Bill Reynolds. Bill was a community advocate, and a fixture at Rochester Political Black Caucus meetings.

Mr. Reynolds also worked closely with the Caribana festival, and was instrumental in my former modeling group Spectrum Models, which opened at Caribana in Toronto three years in a row.

However, I digress.

Robin has inherited his heart and soul.

And, anyone who has met her and spent time speaking with her no doubt knows she would be a legitimate, considerate, and intelligent choice.

She is a very strong woman, and the mother of three sons.

As a result, Robin would be my choice for Brighton City Council.

So, I hope the Brightonians are listening.

The aforementioned candidates are my choices on primary day.

Please exercise your right to VOTE, and do the right thing for this community.

We are choking on the nonsense.

Enough is enough!!

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