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Straight No Chaser: The Sleaze Factors In Local Politics Rise Again!!

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston


gloria newAnd so it begins. Molly Clifford thinks she is so slick!!! She hasn’t been on the City Council but for a minute, yet has managed to get Elaine Spaull, Jackie Ortiz, and Matt Haag to co-sign her madness, and what many suspect is her plan to run for mayor.

It’s not enough that she led the charge to keep Tom Richards in office, when our mayor won her primary fair and square.

It wasn’t enough that sleazy politics entered the arena, and dirty tricks surfaced, although they used them to no avail.

Oh no, Molly is not quite finished.

And, if we have any so-called leaders in our community, who are REALLY paying attention, then make sure you all read the recent editorial written by Councilman Adam McFadden, in which he condemns the fantastic four on the city council who co-signed an editorial written by Clifford, which criticized and attempted to throw shade on the mayor, per her usual.

Pay attention, people.

Her recent, alleged concerns with the school modernization monies, and board leadership have nothing to do with her love for this community. She is a certified politician, who, according to my cousin, Gladys at the swap meet, takes pride in not supporting anything, or anyone, who is black.

It is also rumored that she also does not possess much moral fiber.

My cousin Gladys told me the reason she was appointed as overseer of the net offices when Bob Duffy was mayor, was because Mrs. Duffy dared him to have her sit in City Hall.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but it was a strong rumor at the time.

So, Molly went back to her former boy toy, the one that got run out of UNICON because of bad book-keeping, I heard.

Anyway, I am not one to gossip, but maybe her jealousy of the mayor is because the mayor has something which seems to have escaped Miz Political Molly, a husband.

I am old-school, and have little to no respect for that shacking mess.

If a man really respects you, he gives you his last name. It’s as simple as that.

However, I digress.

The community needs to organize a little better, and to make sure LaShana Boose whips her natural butt the next time around.

And, Elaine Spaull should also be targeted for primaries, as she has been an enemy of the mayor’s since she failed to find the support which would have secured her vice presidency on the council.

Dana Miller is smarter and more loyal than Spaull could ever be. It is time to get rid of her also.

But, the one person I’m surprised by is Matt Haag.

I thought he knew how to mind his own business, and I was not aware, until recently, that he follows fools.

He put the target on his back, not me. Let’s get rid of him too.

And, Jackie Ortiz, the resident Latina who apparently has no clue about her people’s history, or understanding of why she should not be aligning herself with the enemy, needs to be gone also.

I am sure we can find another Latina who knows they are Latina to replace her puppet routine.

Gotta Go!!

Are you paying attention, politicos and community organizers?

I know we are doing a yeoman’s job of registering folks for the presidential election, but we also need to be paying close attention to the sleaze factors in our own community, who now also appear to sit on the City Council, claiming they have the community’s best interests at heart.

Does Elaine Spaull abstain when her family members who own construction companies’ interests come up for a vote for New York City projects?

We need to know these things.

We need to get our heads out of the sand, and support the agendas which support our community, only.

Anyone who questions the mayor’s love for her community, her constituents, her seniors, and her youth, is blind, possibly deaf, and totally crazy from where I sit.

I will never apologize for my support for the mayor, and only ask that we examine the REAL agendas of those who have called her agenda into question.

And, just in case you missed it, the rumor is that Molly Clifford wants to be mayor.

Another rumor is that the status quo has also recruited former Chief Jim Sheppard to run, as well.

And, if that’s true, there’s no doubt the intent is to split the black vote, so Molly can walk right into a seat in City Hall.

Wake up, and smell the coffee, people.

Read Adam McFadden’s recent editorial in the D&C.

He is telling nothing but the truth, and the whole truth.

Let’s not get caught sleeping again, and then shaking our heads in disgust, when and if, the sleaze factors in local politics have their way.

We definitely have FOUR (4) members of the City Council that need to be FIRED or RETIRED, because they don’t support their communities, and they are looking out for themselves.

The respect I may have had for some of them went out the window when I saw them following Molly Clifford’s lead so easily.

They’re nothing but puppets on a string.

I wonder what she’s promised them.

We may never know.

But, the one thing I can promise is that we, as a community, can replace those sleaze factors, if we organize ourselves.

History suggests their time has come and gone.

I have total recall, and remember when there was no one, and nothing, that looked like me on the City Council, Monroe County Legislature, the bench in city court, county court, or family court.

Progress has been slow, but progress has been made in those areas.

Don’t let sleazy politicians with personal axes to grind make us go backward.

We have much to do in this community!!

I am ready to support Mayor Lovely Warren for four more years, if she wants it.

Ultimately, whether she does or not, I don’t know, but NEVER Trump and NEVER Molly!!!!

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