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Straight No Chaser: Truth Sometimes Brings Consequences

Gloria Winston

Op-Ed by Gloria Winston –

Telling the truth sometimes brings consequences and unwanted attention from various sources. It may be a coincidence but someone hacked the Minority Reporter’s website ( not long after my latest column and a number of articles calling out folks on some critical issues were published. I do have a list of the possible suspects who we know can’t handle any truth directed at them. Some people are just pure evil and will do what they can to silence the vehicle allowing truth to be told. Anything that is done in the dark will come to the light, however.

Good intentions and a desire to enlighten others can put a target on your back. Just ask Alan Majors. He was the person who first called attention to the slip of tongue that recently cost a local weatherman his job at WHEC. Alan was also the person who called the public’s attention to the fact that the original sound bite was tampered with. The original audio clearly depicted the weatherman saying the word COON, but over time, other versions tried to make the word he said to sound like COO. Not!! Alan has also been called a ton of names and has received death threats from the racist bigots and supporters of the now unemployed weatherman.

Alan was a recent guest on a local radio program “What’s going on: with Brown and Allen” 1280am Sunday 1/13/19 @ 8:00 am EST. If you missed it, please take the time to listen to this show via this link.

I mentioned in a previous column that employees answering the phone at City Hall have been greeted with being called COONS and the N word. It just shows you the underlying hatred and bigotry the 45th president has given rise to. The closet Klan members feel empowered and are bolder about it these days. To blame anyone other than WHEC for firing Jeremy Kappel is just plain ludicrous.

But here is some REAL TRUTH that I always felt was lurking in the character that began to appear on a variety of homemade videos produced to make Jeremy Kappel look like an innocent Choir Boy. Recently on FB an alleged former neighbor of his named Mike Baugh posted the following:

“Brandon Leverette, I agree with you. I have remained silent during this ordeal but feel the need to speak out since Mr. Kappel was my neighbor for 5 or so years. As a neighbor, he was a bully that was insensitive to people with disabilities. I have 2 autistic children , one with profound hearing loss and he could not tolerate them and did not want them near his children or near his yard. He went so far as to shout at my young daughter and call her names. He even claimed that she was faking her hearing loss. My wife and I both tried to educate him and his wife about autism he flat out said it’s a made up disorder. We ended our relationship right then and demanded that he never step foot on our property ever again. I have the remaining neighbors to back this up and beleive me everyone was happy when he moved out and went to New York. As for his racial insult on air, I heard it and it clearly defines who he is. He is very insensitive to others and only worries about his image. The proof lies in his apology video, he shows no remorse and is only concerned about his image. The proof also shows during his interviews where he is trying to restore his image. As for everyone else that is supporting him, we’ll u can’t truly comment about his character just because he was your weatherman. It takes living next to someone to truly get to know who someone really is. Sorry Mr. Kappel, you true character was exposed.”

From what I can determine Mike Baugh and Jeremy Kappel were neighbors in Louisville, KY. I did reach out to Mr. Baugh but have not heard back from him as of this writing. What I hope is that someone takes the time to share those words with Jeremy Kappell’s supporters, especially those who gave him a national platform to claim his innocence. Supporters like Al Roker, Don Lemon, and Bernice King to name a few. Mr. Kappel definitely did well in organizing a national and local public relations campaign but where did it get him?

I always felt that WHEC was in a hurry to rid themselves of him. I felt there were some underlying issues that had not or could not be brought to light, and then the alleged neighbor spoke out. Supporters like Bob Lonsberry, Brother Wease, along with those who signed petitions and gave money to support Mr. Kappell because he is such a good person. These people need copies of Mike Baugh’s words. . I don’t doubt he is a good person but it appears he does live in a glass house and has major character flaws.

It does appear—even for the racist bigots who attempt to plead innocent of any wrong doing when unfortunate words slip off of their mouths—that TRUTH sometimes brings CONSEQUENCES. Thoughts??

Gloria Winston is a Community Activist, Writer, Communicator, and Political Activist. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with numerous community organizations in Rochester. Contact Gloria at:

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