Saturday 28 January 2023
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Straight No Chaser: Were Your Children In School Today?

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag


gloria_winston_al-sarag2The next time someone complains to me about what is wrong in the Rochester City School District, I will simply ask them, were your children in school today? The appalling attendance rates released by RCSD suggest that only 75 percent of the students registered for school, have actually attended school in the last two days. There is no excuse for that. There is no reason the superintendent, and his staff, should be knocking on doors, reminding any parent to send their child to school. These sorry excuses for parents need to stand up, get a grip, and step up to their responsibilities.

How could you possibly expect your child to get an education, if they are not in school? Just how stupid and uncaring can you be? This mindset has nothing to do with poverty, and more to do with neglect. We need to stop making excuses for these trifling people who are unfortunately bringing life into the world, but who are not recognizing their personal obligations to their children.

And, to the trifling mothers: put the crack pipe, and blunt, down, and take care of your children. They didn’t ask to be born, and no one in the community is as obligated as you to make sure they are cared for. There are more than enough programs giving away clothes, book bags, school supplies, and food. What is your excuse for not having your child prepared, and in school, on the first day, and everyday school is in session?

I don’t feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for me, and my community, because you are too stupid to see the outcome. The future of an uneducated child usually winds up on the five o’clock news, and, not as a scholar, but more than likely, as a thug. Wake up trifling mothers. Kick the loser you are in bed with out, because he is trifling too, if he doesn’t insist your children should be in school.

You forgot to send your kids to school, but there is little doubt in my mind you did not forget to get that fake hair sewn or glued to your mindless scalp. And, surely, you have your fake nails and your costume jewelry blinging. I am also willing to bet you have your daughter’s dress, pants or shorts on trying to pretend you are younger than you are.

The only reason your child should not be in school is if he or she is sick. No one is going to tell me that 25 percent of the students who were not in school this week were sick. Child Protective Services needs to get on their job, and walk in step with RCSD to remove these children from homes which couldn’t care less about their education.

I am sorry to sound so hard, but the finger-pointing has to stop. These kids are not getting their educations, the free educations which have been afforded to them. I am convinced they will grow up and become the scum, and terrorists, with which our community has had to suffer. They have become the murderers, the thieves, and those exhibiting violent behavior, because they have come from homes where trifling mothers don’t step up to the plate, and raise their children. It is not the fault of the RCSD, the teacher, the social worker, or others, if your child is not in school. Now, if they are in school, and NOT receiving what you sent them for, that is another battle to be fought. But, it begins with your children having their butts IN school, not out.

And, to the trifling fathers, I say, no more excuses. Your job is not over, just because you helped make a baby. I don’t care if you and the mama are together or not. You are as guilty as your baby’s mama, if your child is not in school. If you are not in the home because you made a bad choice, or vice versa, you still have an obligation to make sure your child is receiving the care, and nurturing, he or she requires and deserves. Get your sorry butts off the street corner. Or, if you feel the need to be there to survive, then at least check on your child DAILY to make sure they are in school.

If they are not in school, you have an obligation to find out why, and correct the reason, if it is not legitimate. Maybe your child should be living with you, if the baby’s mama has continued to prove she is unworthy of mothering, and caring for her child. You, dad, have rights, too. Maybe you should pursue them, instead of turning a blind eye to the injustices occurring to your child. Because your children not being in school is an INJUSTICE to them, as students. Children’s lives matter too!

Man-up fathers! Try to be much like the fathers, and men, who showed up at various RCSD schools the first two days. I applaud those men, and the organizers, for such a beautiful gesture. My only critique is that, when we say, “calling all MEN,” then women need to stand back, and let the men be men! There is a time, and place, for everything. And, if we are seriously trying to push our men to the forefront, and support them for a change, then; let’s do just that! Society has pushed women in may ways to get in a man’s way. We need to stop that, also. Sorry, old school here!

Bottom line: stop the madness. Get your child to school. There was a time when it was against the law for us to even be in school, or to pursue an education. There was a time when it was against the law to be caught reading a book. There was a time when a slave owner may have had someone in the household sensitive enough to risk breaking the law by teaching our ancestors to read. Education is key. Which one of you trifling parents don’t understand that?

And, just like those who are not registered to vote, and don’t vote, you will be the first one sitting somewhere, or standing in front of a camera, complaining. You should be ashamed to call yourself a parent, if your child is not in school, EVERYDAY. I repeat, there is NO excuse. If you have a need, tell somebody. This community has more than enough poverty pimps on payroll who are being paid to serve you, and do what the churches should be doing.

There is no excuse for your child not to be in school. Get your trifling behind out of bed, and make it happen PARENTS! I have a better name for you, but can’t put it in writing, in a family-orientated newspaper. I just want to know if your children were in school today!