Thursday 1 December 2022
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Straight No Chaser: When Bullies and Liars Win, The Community Loses!!

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newFirst and foremost, I want to congratulate Rodney “Virgo” Brown, the author and former editor of the Minority Reporter, for joining the ranks of journalists who realize the importance of telling our own truth, and the stories that relate to our community.

He also began to publish The Southwest Tribune a few weeks ago.

The second thing I need to address regarding Rodney’s paper are the steps someone has taken in an attempt to side-rail his ability to speak the truth.

But, because I promised, I will not detail some of the things that I was told about how some of the liars and known bullies in this community have already been threatening him.

See, in THIS community, when you don’t write and say everything the bullies and liars want you to say, they will threaten you and your livelihood.

Especially if you say anything about the racist butts they find pleasure in kissing, and that they are now protecting.

They may not have always been like that, but now they have been sold to the highest bidder.


That is all I will say about that matter for now.

Any further details that are revealed will be up to Rodney.

My job has always been to reveal the sleaze in our community, especially those with pigmentation that looks like mine.

Bullies and liars are often found hiding behind trees, throwing rocks when the truth surfaces.

And some of them have the dirtiest hands on record.

However, many of them have escaped the consequences they may deserve because they’ve promoted a false sense of respectability, due to their job titles or the offices they hold.

Many of them are also carpetbaggers that no one sent for, but they have convinced themselves they are here to save us from ourselves.

However, in reality, most are truly unemployable. They probably wouldn’t even have a job if it weren’t for the kindness of the strangers they back-stab with no mercy or conscience.

As a community, we have not evolved far from dealing with the treatment we once received from people who did not look like us.

Now, for whatever reason, the people who know about the scandalous legacies in this community have constantly failed to educate the public like they should.

As a result, the scum I have been sick of has continued to get re-elected, commit adultery, and worse.

Many of these hypocrites are so scandalous that they can actually be found in church most Sundays running around the building waving the Bible they most assuredly have not read lately.

But, one thing I am confident of, as it relates to this community’s bullies, is that most of their victims are female, and that they consider them to be incapable of protecting themselves.

Consequently, I would caution you not to stand near them when it’s lightening.

Many of these bullies have also lied on their resumes, about their educations, and their alleged civil rights records in our community.

I feel guilty, at times, for not exposing the untruths that I hear them tell about their histories, and the wars they say they’ve once waged in our community.

The community has believed their lies, which has put these bullies in the perfect position to tell more lies, and to continue to get away with their threats, and their attempts to intimidate others.

As a former secretary of the Rochester Black Political Caucus, under the leadership of the late James “Mamba” McCuller, I knew every member.

And, I am here to tell you that we have those amongst us who NEVER belonged to our organization.

They’ve only reaped the benefits of the battles we fought and won, instead.

And, as a card-carrying member and former section leader for the Rochester chapter of the National Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, I also know who was a member of that group, and who was not.

Everyone who sought membership in our organization did not qualify, and, as a result, they were not admitted.

Some could not be trusted then, and they can’t be trusted now.

So, somebody puleez tell me how these liars lay down and sleep at night??

How do they sleep, after accepting the kindness of someone who once called them FRIEND??

And, how does any self-respecting BLACK man or woman find themselves embracing the enemy??

How does any self-respecting black person find themselves embracing, supporting, and in bed with people who have sought to promote racism, lied on our leadership, and then sought to search and destroy our icons and leadership?

They are traitors, the lot of them!!

How does any self-respecting black person benefit for years from the generosity of someone, and then turn on them like a SNAKE?

At least Jesus only had ONE Judas.

Our community is crawling with those we need to organize against, and I believe we need to get them FIRED or RETIRED.

One person can’t do it. But, remember, there were only 13 folks who were responsible for overthrowing Batista’s Cuba.

I think Che Guevara can be found in all of us.

Where is our Castro??

These people need to be called out by their names.

And, if they are running organizations, like poverty pimps, then their boards need to know what they are doing to their own.

When is this community going to man-up, and crush these liars and bullies who are oftentimes also closet abusers?

They are abusing their wives and girlfriends, and, in some cases, their husbands and boyfriends.

They have no moral fiber.

Some also have children they may have abandoned years ago, and now they want you to believe they care about yours.

These folks need to be dealt with.

They know who to intimidate, and that this fickle community will sit and sip cocktails, gossiping about them as opposed to exposing them.

I am confident many of us know folks who fit this description, and we need to collectively call them into question, and get rid of them.

They are far too scandalous to leave the task of improving our community up to them.

Never be afraid of the truth.

The liars and bullies in this community need to seek residence somewhere else.

They have no respect for others.

They are USERS.

And, with all of the confusion they have been responsible for, it is clear it is not God they worship, it is the dark angel instead.

Only cowards would proceed this way.

Maintaining the presence of these liars and bullies in or community seeks to destroy us, not unite us!!

We won’t miss them!!

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