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Straight, No Chaser: White Journalists Racist Agendas Unwanted in the ROC

Gloria Winston

Op-ed by Gloria Winston –

Christmas is over. A New Year approaches and it is time to rid the ROC of our trash some call White Supremacy in Journalism. How long are we going to sit back and allow these so called investigative reporters access and constant smearing of our black leadership with their hate filled agendas all the while being protected by those who look like them?

Jason R. Muhammad in a recent editorial in the Minority Reporter is calling attention to what is seriously wrong. Thank you Jason! Kenneth Muhammad in recent comments on Facebook is calling the question as well. When are Black journalists going to call their colleagues to task and rebuke them for what they seem to be doing, remaining in locked step with the ‘mainstream’? Where are the voices of other Black Journalists in this community??? Jim McCuller and the Black media Coalition would not have accepted the recent attacks on Melissa Barrett or Mayor Lovely Warren without addressing them within 24 hours. Where have all the brave ones gone??? Gone to plantations, everyone!!!!

First let me address the stinging editorial recently written by the D & C’s David Andreatta. The one where he called Melissa Barrett (recently appointed by the Mayor to City Court as a Judge to replace former Judge Leticia Astacio) a “carpet bagger!!” Carpet bagger??? I didn’t hear him say that about Molly Clifford moving to Charlotte to take over a committee that enabled her to take a seat on City Council. Oh I forgot they are white and it is easier to smear a Black woman because there are little to no consequences in our community. At least that is how they proceed. But we can change that. What has Melissa Barrett and Mayor Lovely Warren ever done to him?? Why does he single out Blacks???

We can demand that the D & C fire him or better still organize a boycott of that shell they still call a paper. Something they should be giving away for free. Let’s help them go under like they deserve to for allowing the insults they continue to publish. If anyone is a carpet bagger is Mr. Andreatta who moved here from Canada because he allegedly could not get a job as a Reporter there, I was told. We should build a wall at the Canadian Border to keep the racist mindsets like his out of our community.

David Gantt is a favorite target of his also. Let’s get rid of Andreatta!! His words are insulting!! Melissa did not deserve that. He means Black folks and our leadership absolutely no good!! Is he even an American Citizen??? Let’s investigate him!!!

Rachel Barnhart has had a target on the Mayors back for several years now?? The question is why?? She LOST 3 elections thus far and will lose some more before all is said and done because she apparently thinks she is SUPREME to Black women. They are her apparent competition on many fronts.

Who’s gonna investigate her and her friend (Scott Gaddy) whom I suspect is singing like Marvin Gaye to stay out of Federal Prison. Why is no one investigating where she gets her money from?? Investigate why she was left the Non-profit organization attached to Baden Street??? Was she let go? Was she campaigning on company time while working for an organization that was receiving federal/state dollars?? Why doesn’t someone investigate and stop her continued harassment of city government with her constant requests and FOILS??? Why isn’t Andreatta or anyone in the white media investigating that? Isn’t that a form of Harassment???

Does DA Sandra Doorley know that two of her detectives met with Rachel Barnhart several weeks ago at Fina’s Restaurant on Mill Street?? Was Sandra aware of it or did she set up the meeting?? The detectives were C.J. Dominic and Jim May. This meeting occurred before subpoenas were allegedly filed.

These investigations which are normally done in secret quickly became public. How does it also happen that Berkeley Brean from Channel 10 had a list of those who were supposed to be served with subpoenas?? I smell RATS (Racist Asses That Stink) all in the mix. Rats with racist agendas should no longer be tolerated in our community. Isn’t the Grand Jury Process supposed to be SECRET???

Bob Lonsberry whom we successfulty got FIRED from WHAM some years ago, can get FIRED again. He made some sarcastic tweet about the subpenas BEFORE they were issued. Bob is a little more cautions these days but still appears to have an occasional racist agenda with targets on the backs of our BLACK leadership. We can help you revisit history if you like, Bob!! Is anyone paying attention???

White Journalists Racist Agendas Destroying Black Lives Are Unwanted in the ROC.. They need to be effectively dealt with, FIRED or RETIRED, don’t you agree??

Gloria Winston is a Community Activist, Writer, Communicator, and Political Activist. She is a native Rochesterian and has been involved with numerous community organizations in Rochester. Contact Gloria at:

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