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Straight No Chaser: You Work Against My Mayor, I Work Against You

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston –


gloria newHere we go, here we go!!!! The local Democratic Party, and it’s so-called “leadership,” are playing games.

They are not only playing along party lines, they are playing and favoring racist and bigoted agendas!!!

These witches in the Democratic Party ain’t loyal to no one but themselves.

You would think, by now,that an educated black female who handily defeated the rich old white man they favored four years ago would have taught them something. But, nooooooooo, many are still hiding behind trees and throwing rocks.

And whatever Adam McFadden said that made someone call for his being denounced by the mayor is a crock.

Whatever he said is the TRUTH.

Never apologize for telling the truth!!!

If he does, I promise to go to my closet and get my big belt and spank him.

Many local Democrats are racist!!

Many of them are also bigots, who refuse to support anyone Black that does not come wrapped in strings they can control.

Whenever they claim it is not about RACE, trust me that’s when it is.

It has always been about race, and white people trying to control black and brown people.

In case you can’t tell, I am personally not a party loyalist.

I have left the Democratic Party on more than one occasion, and joined the ranks of REPUBLICANS.

However, I couldn’t this year, because of who became elected as president.

I also couldn’t this year because my mayor is going to need my vote in the primary, for sure.

Yet, other than that, I have had little to no respect for the way the local Democratic Party has treated my people, as a whole.

I haven’t felt a sense of fairness since the days when Larry Kirwan was the local party’s chairperson.

I also haven’t seen the game played fairly since Willie Lightfoot and I were key players in the 25th Legislative District.

How in the HE$%$ do people who live in the suburbs get to sit on district committees they don’t live in??

How does that happen???

Do they really think ALL Black people are stupid???

Let me take a moment, and remind you of what the Democratic Party did to my mayor three-and-a-half years ago.

Not only did they attempt to discourage her from running, they fought long and hard in the trenches to bring her down on primary day.

But, guess what, THEY lost!!!!

Then, those same Democrats still failed to honor their process, and they attempted every dirty trick in the book to keep her opponent’s candidacy alive, even though he lost fair and square in the primary.

Does everyone recall that situation???

Does everyone recall WHO the backstabbing players were that refused to accept, respect, and acknowledge my mayor’s legitimacy?

Their racist agendas were in our faces, in our mailboxes, and on the phones. But, guess what, GOD said NO to Satan, and he will again.

Because, if God wants Lovely Ann Warren to have a second term in office, she will.

It’s as simple as that.

Recruiting former local officials who have never cared about our community, or dried up journalists will not make a difference.

My people are TIRED.

We are “sick and tired of being sick and tired,” as Fannie Lou Hamer said.

In addition, like Howard Eagle has consistently stated, “2017 will be the year of reckoning!!”

And, it will be.

Bigots in the Democratic Party have worked feverishly to control local committees for the past three years.

Now what??

Mayors have won elections before without the PARTY nod.

And, this so-called “party” is a tad too cliquish for me.

However, there is no fairness in sight, because even when you play by the rules, and WIN, they may still find a reason not to support you.

This party needs an overhaul.

I don’t care how many cups of coffee the current leadership got for the former chair, running errands does not qualify you to lead the Democratic Party, when fairness in the endorsement process appears to be bought and paid for.

Where was the outrage, and the call for anyone to denounce violence, as it relates to the recent incident involving me??

I heard NOTHING.

Oh, one candidate did attempt to go through the motions, but for political reasons only. And, I could not find a sincere bone in her body.

However, isn’t one of the issues the party allegedly claims to denounce called VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN??

Last time I checked, I was a WOMAN; a 71-year-old HANDICAPPED woman!!!

Oh, I forgot, my pigmentation might be in the way of you party loyalists even noticing.

You hypocrites need to sit down.

Sorry, but I am with Lovely, because I recognize how many of you are not, and we all know why.

You should be taking direction from her, just because of her position, if nothing else, instead of hiding your hands, and taking advantage of photo ops while secretly working for her demise.

Make no mistake. We see you!

What you are doing is not pretty, not nice, and, in the long run, it will cost you more than your credibility.

You should do the right thing!!!

But, since you can’t, I will, because you witches ain’t loyal to anyone you can’t control!!

And, just like the resident bigots on the radio, in the media, and writing blogs, I am just as entitled to my outrageous opinions as they are.

You don’t, won’t, and can’t control me either.

I have a right to my opinions, and you have the right to disagree with them, or simply to not read them at all.

The Monroe County Democratic Committee needs to get its act together, and to learn to give the same support to BLACK candidates as they do to the white ones.

It’s as simple as that.

Show me, don’t tell me.

And, just in case you don’t know what I am talking about, make sure you take the time to read the following links and educate yourself:

We are at WAR, and can’t afford to sleep, or make assumptions.

Otherwise, these demonic folks, many of whom will grin in your face, will have their way.

The mayor has done a tremendous job, and will continue to do so, with our support.

Many of these demons are jealous of her legacy.

Let’s not sit back, and let them continue to have their way.

Let’s show them who is REALLY in charge.

The bottom line is, if you are not supporting MY mayor, there is no way I can support you.

I am not on her payroll, nor am I her surrogate, or her puppet.

She has more than earned my loyalty and respect!!

In the end, I think she should let the work she has done as mayor speak for her, because she has made our community a better place to live in, and we need to give her an opportunity to finish the job.

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