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Street Racing Went Out Of Control and Killed Woman: Men Accused Plead Not Guilty

Two local men were arraigned earlier this month in Rochester City Court after being charged with manslaughter and pled not guilty.

The incident in question was the death of a woman who police say was killed while the men were street racing. The illegal sport often uses cars that have been souped up — for instance, with something like a cold air intake which can bring an increase of one to two MPG.

Jose Surrino and Jose Vazquez pled not guilty. They were charged with second-degree manslaughter. Surrino apparently struck and killed Laureen Benfante Greczyn, 46, around 12:30 on Lake Avenue.

The incident occurred when Surrino and Vazquez were racing in the southbound lanes of Lake Avenues — Surrino is believed to have hit and caused the death of Greczyn. The impact threw here almost 170 feet, and she died at the scene. She was reportedly only two blocks from her house when she was fatally struck.

Witnesses claim that Surrino stopped and admitted hitting her after hitting another car, but alos said that she darted unexpectedly into the road. The two men remain in Monroe County Jail. Surino on $50,000 cash bail, and Vasquez on $40,000.

Lake Avenue is the busiest street in Rochester, with parts of it carrying more than 25,000 vehicles every day, and pedestrian fatalities are high. This is the third one this year, not including several other serious injuries. Accidents prevail even after a section of the road between Lyell Avenue and West Ridge Road was reconstructed 10 years ago in order to improve pedestrian safety. An event held in August intended to draw attention to the traffic safety problem was interrupted when another pedestrian was struck.