Thursday 1 December 2022
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Suing For Injury On the Job: Negligence in Rochester

It is unfair that some people get injured when they are just trying to do their job. Sadly, this is where some find themselves when their Rochester employers are not careful about following common-sense safety precautions. It can happen to anyone, and the resulting medical bills and physical damage to a person’s body can be a lot to deal with. Fortunately, there are solutions available for those who find themselves in this unfortunate position.

Injured On A Construction Job?

One of the most common workplaces where people get injured is construction sites. Construction jobs are dangerous because there are a lot of moving parts, heavy equipment, and a lot of people milling around the site as well. It is easy for someone to make a mistake and for another person to pay the physical toll of that error. Fortunately, you can take action when you are met with these challenges.

Imagine that you work in a roofing job. You know for a fact that different roofs have different life expectancies. You might be working on a TPO roof that has a life expectancy of around 20 years, or you might be on a PVC roof that can last up to 30 years. The point is, you are on a roof that was built to last for a long time, but now there is something wrong with it. It would take just one slip on a wet roof or one of your co-workers not paying close enough attention to the space around them for you to become seriously hurt while on that roof.

Should you become injured through no fault of your own while you are at any job, you should contact an attorney right away. Perhaps you have never used an attorney before, or you can’t stand the idea of turning to an attorney for something like this, but it is what you need to do in these circumstances. You didn’t cause the accident yourself, so you shouldn’t be the one paying the bills for it.

Your Injuries Could Be More Debilitating Than You Realize

One thing to keep in mind about injuries sustained on the job is that they could have a greater impact than you realize. For example, did you know that roughly 15% of the population has diabetes and that they could form a diabetic foot ulcer as a result of their condition? It is possible that you could be laid up and out of work for some time after sustaining an injury. A sedentary life forced upon you by being out of work could lead you down the path towards diabetes. Thus, the injury that you sustained while on the job could result in you becoming diabetic. This is true for other long-term issues like heart disease and chronic back pain.

Bringing A Lawsuit For Injuries In Rochester

You have to prove damages, causation, and negligence for a successful personal injury case. It is up to you to hire a competent lawyer that can prove all three. All three of these elements likely exist in your case, but you need to get someone who can prove that this is the case working on your side. That means that you need to go out and hire the best lawyer that you can find as soon as possible. If you get to work hiring great help right now, then you can start to move your case forward in a manner that will be useful to you.