Saturday 28 January 2023
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SUNY Geneseo May Partner with RCSD in School No. 19 Receivership

By Staff


rcsdSUNY Geneseo has reportedly agreed to work with the Rochester City School District’s Dr. Charles T. Lunford School No. 19, as an educational partnership organization (EPO), and superintendent of the school, should School No. 19 receive a $500,000 School Improvement Grant (SIG) for which the district has recently applied.

According to a proposal RCSD outlined in a letter to the New York State Education Department Wednesday, Professor Jane Morse would work as an adviser to the school, in order to develop the EPO, and to create expanded learning opportunities for students at the school.

In addition, district officials said SUNY Geneseo would place student teaching candidates in teacher positions at the school beginning in the 2017-18 school year.

“Geneseo will place student teachers, using an apprenticeship program similar to the medical residency model,” the letter stated.

RCSD said the district would also cover the expenses associated with the EPO, and the operation of the school, even if the costs exceeded the amount of the SIG funds, should the school receive the grant.

SUNY Geneseo has ultimately teamed with a “core group of RCSD teachers who are interested in developing a teacher-led school model” at the school, RCSD officials stated.

School No. 19 is currently on the state’s list of “priority,” and at-risk schools in the district, and the partnership would be similar to the one which developed between East High School and the University of Rochester in 2014, following a mandate from the state which ordered the district to either improve performance at the school, or face its possible closure.

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