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Tell the Mayor Which City Services Are Crucial

Staff reports

City residents have input into what the 2020-21 budget will look like and how decisions will affect the city. File photo

COVID-19 is affecting more than physical and emotional health. The illness is expected to take a financial toll on every layer of government that has to pay for the response and deal with lost sales tax and other revenue from businesses being closed for weeks if not months.

As the city prepares its 2020-21 budget, Mayor Lovely Warren is asking residents to share what is important to them – what services are essential and where they believe the city needs to invest.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented fiscal challenges … so it is critical that the community provide insight that will help guide us through the difficult decisions ahead,” she wrote in a news release.”

Because in-person meetings still are banned, the city has posted an on-line survey to collect information regarding the budget.

The questionnaire asks how COVID-19 is affecting you and your family, including emotional health.

The survey asks how the crisis has affected your child’s education and whether you have lost your job.

Then it asks you to rate – from essential to not important – services such as police and fire, street cleaning, R-Centers, code enforcement and just about everything that is part of daily life.

The survey is open through May 5 and is at