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The Presidential Debate: And this round goes to?

Op Ed by Shanique Byrd

Shanique Byrd

The presidential debate looked more like a featherweight boxing match. Former Vice President Joe Biden delivered a first round knockdown, and President Donald Trump never recovered. Biden strategically dismantled Trump’s ability to control himself on nearly every topic.Trump threw wild accusations, talked over two minutes, and rarely allowed Biden to speak without interrupting.

Fox News anchor and debate moderator Chris Wallace, also went head to head with Trump. Even challenging the president to condemn white supremacy as Trump tried to focus on Antifa. But, the out of control loud mouth refused.

The lies Trump told were baffling and at times laughable. The problem is, no one with any sense is saying he is doing a phenomenal job, unless it’s the voices in his head. The fact that he thinks anyone would believe that his bleach comment was made sarcastically is absurd. He claimed he brought football back, which is fascinating when he couldn’t reopen all schools. Stopping racial sensitivity training proves the Black agenda “Platinum Plan” he created is all smoke and mirrors. This man will say or not say anything to get re-elected.

Trump showed the American people that he is a racist, has little self control, and struggles with telling the truth. However, he is “entertaining” no matter how much we despise him. He is a reality TV star, not much different than a Nene Leakes. Would anyone ever consider voting her into office? Trump belongs on TV, he should not be in the White House. But, his supporters aren’t logical. They are operating on self preservation and nothing more.Trump reenforces the power white people feel they are losing, and many are scared to death.

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