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The U.S is running out of time, ISIS must be stopped

“145 Killed, Mostly Children!” the headline read.

It had been yet another grizzly massacre; one which would cause a Nazi storm trooper to blanch.


Why, in Pakistan, the former refuge of Bin Laden, of course.

And, this time it was at a school, where Islamic terrorists had methodically gunned down most of the occupants, leaving few survivors.

Oh, but with good reason, they apparently thought.

It had all been for the glory of Allah, of course.

This kind of event has become so commonplace; it may be starting to lose its shock effect on some folks.

As a result, I wonder if those terrorists will acquiesce a bit in the near future.

You think?

These are kin to the same fellows who altered the New York skyline forever, and eradicated most of our Benghazi embassy staff.

And, those are just a few of their more notable deeds.

They have been the very ones we’ve engaged in two wars, and we haven’t weakened them significantly yet.

In fact, their numbers have seemed to be growing, markedly.

The “Islamic State of Iraq & Syria, or ISIS, the bloodlust fraternity of evil, has seemed to constantly be on the offensive.

Therefore, the group has been, in my humble opinion, the darkest purest evil of all time, and the worst ever to face mankind.

It has even eclipsed the fanatical Nazism of the last century, in my book.

Remarkably, there hasn’t been anything even close to the proper degree of concern in Washington, either, to put it blatantly.

Their response has been, “How about a few more airstrikes, or, “Let’s hit them with some drones, but; heaven help us if we have to put more boots the ground.”

And, “Oh, but we’re so tired of war.”

Our parents were damn tired of our past wars too, but the only way to win this will be to cut this “cancer” out completely!

It cannot, and will not, be abated by any conventional means; not without complete and utter annihilation when it comes to opposition this formidable.

This enemy is not going to stop, or become lethargic, just because we have chosen not to engage it.

In addition, they will likely not be negotiated with, or attempt to seek peace.

Their goal has been the complete, utter conquest, and submission to their global caliphates, and Islamic Law.

And, Iran will continue its efforts to assemble a nuclear device, which they won’t hesitate to use against Israel.

America has been running out of time, and Iran, not America, has been controlling the clock.

Wake up Washington, your “too little” is starting to become “too late!”

One more thing: Is it likely Pakistan could not have possibly known about Bin Laden’s house, which had been in mere walking distance from their military academy, an academy which is equivalent to our West Point?

Additionally, the outcry, to date, from the so-called moderate Muslim community has remained eerily faint, if not nearly non-existent.

Would it be unreasonable for us to speculate about the reasons why?

But, ultimately, I don’t want to lose my head over this matter.

So many already have, literally.

Mike Polka served in the USMC in Vietnam in 1970, and currently resides in New London, Iowa. Retired state of Iowa employee