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This Winter the City Partners with RTS to Help with Snow Removal

In the Community: City of Rochester News Release

Photo by Federico Arnaboldi:

Mayor Malik D. Evans recently siad that a first-of-its-kind snow-removal partnership with Regional Transit Service (RTS) and Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), which will clear snow from 85 prioritized bus stop and shelter locations in the city of Rochester.

The initiative was designed to reduce weather-related barriers so city transit riders can commute to work, attend medical appointments, shop, and conduct other personal and professional activities without the worry of snow hazards at the bus stop.
“This is a unique collaboration that will improve the experience and safety of those who rely on public transportation during the winter months,” said Mayor Evans.

“In addition, this program allows the City to expand our partnership with Center for Employment Opportunities, providing new jobs to those seeking a second chance.”

The Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention, which supports several programs to engage and employ individuals who are at-risk for violence, will fund the Winter 2022-2023 snow removal initiative’s estimated cost of $66,400.

The City partners with Center for Employment Opportunities to screen, hire, train, and support formerly incarcerated residents who will work to help improve the quality of life for RTS riders.

“One of the biggest challenges RTS customers face in the winter months is navigating snowy sidewalks and bus stops when they need to catch the bus,” said RTS Deputy CEO and Incoming CEO Miguel Velázquez.

“This partnership will make it easier for our customers to access the transit system and inspire others to get involved and help us grow the program. I thank Mayor Evans, Commissioner Perrin and the team at the City of Rochester, as well as Jarmani Dozier from the Center for Employment Opportunities, for their partnership on this important program.”

RTS identified the 85 bus stops based on average daily ridership and the number of potential riders who rely on wheelchairs or face other mobility challenges.

The pilot program will run through April 2023. The City will assess the progress of this initiative with the hopes of extending the partnership next year.