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Thomas Johnson III Sentenced to Life Without Parole

By Staff


johnsonThomas Johnson III, the man who fatally shot Rochester Police Department Officer Daryl Pierson September 3, 2014, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, July 16.

“Much apologies to my family, and also a sincere apology from my heart to the deceased family,” Johnson said in a speech before his sentencing.

In addition, “”Am I guilty, yes I am guilty, but not for the reason you think I am,” Johnson stated. “I am guilty of being a young African American walking down the street, and smoking, with a gun.”

The courtroom was packed with Pierson’s wife, Amy Pierson, Pierson’s family, and RPD officers.

Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli released the following statement after the sentencing:

“With Thursday’s sentencing, the murderer of Officer Daryl Pierson has been brought to justice. On behalf of the Rochester Police Department, I thank Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley and her staff for all of their efforts in achieving this result.

“We also express our gratitude to Mayor Lovely Warren and the entire city administration for their steadfast support. We are grateful to all of our law enforcement partners in Monroe County for standing with us throughout this ordeal. We are also thankful to so many in the Rochester community for their support during this tragedy, and for the generous financial donations to help Officer Pierson’s family.

“While justice has been done in this case it does not restore the loss suffered by Officer Pierson’s family and loved ones, so please always remember them. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the men and women of the Rochester Police Department for your continuing service, courage, and dedication to the Rochester community.”

Johnson, 39, was convicted of aggravated murder of a police officer in May.