Saturday 28 January 2023
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Three Highly Delicious, Low Calorie Foods to Help You Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolution

January is about half over, and people everywhere are either already working hard on their New Year’s resolution to lose weight, or about to begin. The best way to achieve this noble goal is, of course, the combination of regular exercise and proper diet.

However, it takes 66 days to form a habit, which means people need to keep up with and stick to their workouts and diets for more than two months. If you’ve ever tried to stick to a workout schedule and eat more healthfully, you know how difficult that can be.

Luckily, there are ways dieters can make it work. There are plenty of healthy and delicious foods out there. You just have to look outside of the country. If you want to eat well and lose weight doing it, consider going on a culinary excursion.

Ceviche is a delicious, Mexican dish that can be made with shrimp, tilapia, shark, squid, tuna, mackerel and many other kinds of fish. This dish is made by letting the raw fish marinate in lemon and lime juice overnight. The citric acid in the juice “cooks” the fish. When it’s opaque, it’s ready to eat. You can add other veggies and spices to it, too, to make it even more flavorful. Best of all, ceviche can range between 120 to 175 calories per serving.

Vegetable Lo Mein.
Vegetable lo mein is one of the best — and healthiest — Chinese foods you could order. Having only 325 calories, 7.6 grams of fat, and 257 milligrams of sodium, vegetable lo mein is an awesome way to satisfy your need for something savory and get your servings of veggies in.

Cheese Pizza.
Good news! Pizza can be a diet food! One slice of thin crust, cheese pizza is only 60 calories, and has just 13 grams of carbs. Of course, that’s just one slice — and not the entire pie — so if you do decide to chow down on some pizza, don’t get too crazy, otherwise you’ll defeat the purpose of eating a diet ‘za. Load up your slice with veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, bell pepper and spinach for an even healthier dinner.

Next time you’re seeking something that’s both good and good for you, look to the cuisines of Mexico, Asia and Italy.