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Tips for Setting Up a Pop-Up Stand for Your Business

Living an entrepreneur’s lifestyle is a dream that many people have. If your chosen business is one that can benefit from a pop-up stand, it’s a good idea to get one. Read on to see five tips that will help you set up a successful pop-up stand for your business.

Look Into Permits You Need to Obtain

The most important first step is to obtain permits and licenses to ensure that you’re operating within the law. While small businesses usually splurge on hardware, spending 24% on laptops, 17% on desktops, 12% on servers, 7% on networking, 6% on mobile devices, and 5% on security appliances, printers, peripherals, and external storage each, permits should not be neglected. When you have the necessary permits for your business, it can grow unobstructed, as you won’t have a lot to worry about besides focusing on your business.

Get the Logistics Figured Out

Before it’s time to set up, think about how much inventory you have and how you will get it to the site, and if you will need storage for it. Find out about the cost of props and furniture that you may need, and iron out your budget. Think about everything you will need from the start to the end of your pop-up event, and plan for emergencies like a drastic change of weather, backup supplies, and assistants not showing up or having emergencies of their own. This will help you stay sane throughout the event and run it successfully, exemplifying the ultimate entrepreneur’s lifestyle.

Consider Converting a Shipping Container

Shipping containers have become popular of late for different business owners, and with good reason. They’re flexible, affordable, easy to work with, and suit a wide range of design options. With 6 million shipping containers in use out of 17 million available, there’s a large number of shipping containers that can be converted into homes, offices, and more. Shop around for one, and it will be easy to find a contractor or company that fabricates them. With this, you will have gotten the issue of a physical location taken care of.

Incorporate Signs and Appealing Imagery to Your Stand

People are visual for the most part, so if you want to get their attention, it’s a good idea to use signs with appealing imagery to draw them to your stand. The more people that get curious and pass by your stand, the higher the chances of making more sales. Find a designer to make a logo for you if you don’t already have one, and have them also make your posters and flyers. Good business cards are another important item to have, as you can hand one to potential future customers who will be able to reach you easily if they need your products or services in the future.

Market Your Pop-Up to Ensure a Good Turnout

Finally, spare some time doing marketing right before the event to prepare people for it when it’s finally time. If it will run for a few days, keep marketing so that people know what’s happening, where, and when. Even if they don’t make it to attend, you will have pushed your brand out and more people will know about it than before. With about 38% of users stopping their interaction with a website if it has an unattractive layout, you want to make sure that yours is attractive and chic. Take the time to revamp it or build one if you don’t have one, and you will give your business a great modern edge.

Set realistic expectations to ensure you don’t get unduly disappointed at the end of your pop-up market. When you’ve learned the ropes, you can enjoy all the benefits that come with running your business successfully and live an enviable lifestyle!