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Two Local Organizations Are Working Together to Help Break the Stigma of Mental Illness in Our Communities

Personal relationships and technological data come together for early intervention and overall wellness.

Photo by Alex Green:

For nearly 50 years, Compeer Rochester has connected individuals and families with mentoring, intentional friendship, and other supportive relationships with care providers to improve mental wellness.

Compeer Rochester and COMET Informatics have partnered together to leverage the tools of the COMET Data System to help Compeer modernize and scale its ability to provide those services, and capture data needed to better prove outcomes for participants.

The dedicated staff at Compeer have diligently managed tasks such as program enrollment, mentoring meeting notes and other daily activities through manual, duplicative, time consuming, systems for decades.

After collaborative discussions with the team at Pittsford based software company, COMET Informatics, the teams have configured COMET to collect and organize Compeer’s data to provide maximize clarity through COMET’s built-in reporting tools and design export options that will allow for direct reporting to funders like Monroe County’s Office of Mental Health.

“At a time when staff and financial resources are limited, it’s even more important for us to be efficient with our processes so we can be present for our students, veterans and their families. COMET is the tool we have needed for so long to improve efficiencies and increase our ability to make a bigger positive impact. We are so excited to transition from dated software and manual processes to a more accessible and robust platform and be able to formally demonstrate the impact of Compeer’s services on our participants and community.” Said Sara Passamonte, Compeer’s Executive Director

By transitioning Compeer operations to the COMET system, Compeer can now manage client and volunteer records and relationships, collect, and monitor program level information and observe how the data being collected aligns the services with the overall mission from a single software platform.

“Collecting person, program and systems level data in a single database allows our partners, like Compeer, to quickly and efficiently use their data for everything from improving individual outcomes to providing current and potential funders with the data points that matter to them,” said Andrew Remillard, COMET Director of Business Development.

The Rochester community, like those all over the country, is using data and working collectively and passionately to improve the lives of their neighbors