Saturday 28 January 2023
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U of R, ABVI Create “Project Rebuild-VL” to Help Seniors Cope with Vision Loss

By Staff –


black seniorThe University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, the Association for the Bind and Visually Impaired (ABVI), and the Flaum Eye Institute have partnered to create “Project Rebuild-VL,” a service that offers a Reslience Building Program (RBP) to seniors who may be experiencing irreversible vision loss, accompanied by late-life depression.

“Seniors highly value their independence, but the combination of depression and vision loss initiates a vicious cycle of loss of functioning, and declines in quality of life and physical health,” the group stated. “Because late-life depression is under-recognized and undertreated by primary care doctors, and because people with vision loss have less access to mental health support, more attention to preventing this debilitating combination of conditions is needed.”

According to officials, RBP’s goal is to prevent new depression symptoms, and reduce current symptoms, while improving quality of life for seniors.

Participants must be age 60 or older, and affected by vision loss which cannot be reversed.

In addition, the project will require members to attend four vision education classes, as well as to take part in six in-home visits with a Resilience Building coach, in order to participate in the program.

Participants will also be paid $10 each to participate in four voluntary interviews regarding the program.

ABVI will also provide transportation for participants, if necessary.

Contact project coordinator Phyllis Vincelli for additional information regarding the program, at 585-371-8173.

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