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U of R, Rochester Center for Community Leadership to Offer Scholarships

By Staff


The Univermr lavoz local warnerschoolsity of Rochester’s Warner School of Education has partnered with the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL) to offer a new scholarship program for members of the Rochester Urban Fellows Program and the Rochester Youth Year Fellowship program who are interested in pursuing graduate study at the Warner School, officials from the university stated.

Over the next five years, a total of 50 part-tuition scholarships, covering one-third of tuition costs, will be awarded to eligible participants applying for admission to the Warner School’s master’s programs in teaching, educational policy, higher education, counseling, and human development. In addition, the standard application fee for all prospective master’s students will be waived for all Rochester Youth Year/Urban Fellows members and alumni.

“We are inspired by the noble work that these two programs have done to engage students in playing an active role in strengthening the Rochester community,” Raffaella Borasi, dean of the Warner School, stated. “By funding the scholarships, we hope this will open up even more doors, and create more opportunities for Rochester’s students to take a social justice stance, and give back to their community through education.”

Students who are eligible for tuition assistance at Warner must earn admission to the school, and have successfully completed the Rochester Urban Fellows Program or the Rochester Youth Year Fellowship. Additionally, candidates for the scholarship do not have to fill out a separate application. They must complete the Warner School’s regular application, which is online, and include their affiliation with the Rochester Youth Year Fellowship and Rochester Urban Fellows Program.

The next application deadline for applying to the Warner School is Oct. 15.

Application requirements and supporting information are available HERE, or through the School’s Office of Admissions at, or (585) 275-3950.

“The Rochester Center for Community Leadership is delighted to partner with the Warner School to offer scholarships to students who participate in our Rochester Urban Fellows Program and the Rochester Youth Year Fellowship,” Glenn Cerosaletti, assistant dean of students & director of RCCL, stated. “These two flagship programs have an established track record of engaging students with the Rochester community in ways that contribute to their undergraduate education, and also provide reciprocal benefits for community organizations.”

Cerosaletti said both RCCL programs have mobilized thousands of community volunteers over the past decade, and generated over $1 million in cash and in-kind resources, in an effort to alleviate poverty and strengthen the community.

“At the same time, students have engaged with the community in ways that have focused, or even changed their career plans, and have transformed them from students at the University, to active and engaged citizens of the community,” Cerosaletti stated.

The Warner School provides some form of financial assistance to almost 60 percent of its students each year. Additional scholarship opportunities, including the Robert Noyce Scholarships, Project PRESS Scholarships, Project CELLS scholarships, Fifth Year in Teaching Scholarships, GRAE scholarships, UR Undergraduate Scholarships, and Dean’s Master’s Scholarships, are also available for  eligible students.

The Urban Fellows Program provides undergraduate students attending Rochester-area colleges, and natives of the Rochester area who are attending college elsewhere, with the opportunity to serve with community-based organizations for 10 weeks. In addition, Rochester Youth Year (RYY) Fellowships are sponsored by AmeriCorps*VISTA, and administered by the Rochester Regional Network, which is a consortium of seven local colleges.