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U of R Plans Tuition Increase in 2016-17 School Year

By Staff


university of rochesterThe University of Rochester plans to increase its tuition to $49,260, or by 3.8 percent, in the 2016-17 school year, according to officials at the university.

As a result, the cost for two semesters, including $14,818 for room and board, will be $64,078 for undergraduate students at the school.

Yet, even though the school plans to increase its tuition, U of R officials said the school also plans to increase its financial aid commitment to $122 million, or by 13.5 percent, in the upcoming school year.

The Eastman School of Music will also increase its tuition rate, to $49,600, or by 3.8 percent, in the next school year.

“We very carefully evaluate each year to how to strike the best balance between our costs to students, and having the ability to do the things that make our university even stronger,” Joel Seligman, the university’s president, said in a statement. “We want to continue to provide students and families the strongest return on their investment in education while keeping the highly valued Rochester degree accessible, and affordable.”

The following will be additional tuition rates at the school:

  • Simon School of Business: $46,000, a 12.1 percent decrease;
  • School of Nursing’s three semester accelerated program: $63,702, a 3.7 percent increase;
  • Warner Graduate School of Education: $44,480, a 3.7 percent increase;
  • and School of Medicine and Dentistry: $52,400, a 4.2 percent increase.

The Rochester Institute of Technology also reportedly  plans to increase its undergraduate tuition rate, to $50,842, which will include room and board in the 2016-17 school year, as well as its financial aid commitment, to $171 million.