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UCLM Presents: “The Relevance of Minister Malcolm X for the 21st Century”

By Tracie Isaac –


Photo (L to R): Student Min. Kenneth Muhammad, A’Ynde Muhammad, Student Minister Carlos Muhammad, Dr. John S. Walker, Event Chairman; Relton Roland.

Photo (L to R): Student Min. Kenneth Muhammad, A’Ynde Muhammad, Student Min. Carlos Muhammad, Dr. John S. Walker, and event chairman Relton Roland.

Across the nation, many people have recently celebrated the birthday of Malcolm X, also known as El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, and reflected on his life and philosophy.

In Rochester, the United Christian Leadership Ministry of Western New York Inc. celebrated the event by hosting a one-day program titled, “The Relevance of Minister Malcolm X for the 21st Century.”

Rev. Lewis Stewart, senior pastor of The First Church of God located at 334 Clarissa St., hosted the event, which featured a video presentation by keynote speaker and Nation of Islam Archivist Student Minister Carlos Muhammad, of Baltimore, MD.

An 18-year-old artist who goes by the name “Truth Speaker” also presented a spoken word presentation which was followed by a panel discussion on contemporary issues, as well as the philosophy of Malcolm X.

Committee members Dr. John S. Walker, event chairman; Student Min. Kenneth Muhammad; Ann Powell; Relton Roland, and Rev. Norman Roberts organized the event.

According to officials from the event, Min. Malcolm X was an African-American muslim, clergyman, and human rights advocate.

Moreover, he was a bold and prophetic revolutionary leader who fought for the freedom and rights of black people.

He was also an internationalist who linked the black struggle for freedom in America with the aspirations and rights of oppressed people globally, the group said.

The presentation also highlighted the late minister’s life by using the writings he wrote while he was incarcerated, which revealed his mindset when he made the decision to convert to Islam.

“During the era of Malcom X’s life, the various roles of the “man” were as relevant then as they are now,” Min. Carlos Muhammad stated. “Those roles of young adult and gangster are not unfamiliar to many who have transitioned from unknowing and darkness. However, the roles of husband, father, counselor, minister, community supporter, friend, human rights activist and leader were embraced through the culture of the Nation of Islam; and we still need those roles in our men today.”

Carlos also pointed to the teachings Malcom’s parents instilled in him as a young boy, including self-worth, strong morals, religious values, and Pan Africanism, along with the correlation of the teachings he received from the Nation of Islam’s Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Discussion panelists also presented the perspectives from three different generations, which consisted of an elder, a contemporary, and a young person’s point of view.

“Truth Speaker” also graced the audience with selections from his self-produced and independently distributed CDs, which include the material he writes, produces, records, and provides to audiences for free.

The spoken-word artist participated in this event as a “Voice of the Youth” and was also accompanied by his father, and his father’s mentor.

Contact Dr. John S. Walker, at (585) 748-6861, or Rev. Lewis Stewart, at (585) 402-9785, for additional information regarding the event, or for information regarding other future programs.

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