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Upgrades that Every Rochester Homeowner Needs to Make Before Selling

When you’re looking to sell your home in Rochester, there are a few important things you’ll need to take care of first. Read on to learn about some essential upgrades you need to make before putting your home on the market in Roc City.

Why Upgrade Your Home Before Selling?

Selling a home isn’t the easiest thing in the world, even when the market is hot. In fact, almost 50% of homes on the DC market didn’t sell the first time they were listed. While not every home needs an extreme makeover to sell, it certainly doesn’t hurt to make a few necessary upgrades before you sell. Not only can these upgrades help your home sell faster, but they may help drive the asking price up so you get a great return on investment.

Make a Point to Enhance Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is like a front page for your house. When you take the time to improve your landscaping and spruce up other exterior home features, potential buyers are going to notice. If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s okay. In cases like this, it’s smart to hire a landscaping company to help you create a simple, yet tasteful front garden area. Maybe all you need is a little bit of new mulch and some small perennials to make everything look tidy and stylish. It’s also worth looking into having your house washed by a professional to really let it shine.

Add an Eye-Catching Pop of Color

Making your home colorful is a great way to lure those looking for a house. Studies have shown that bright colors like red and yellow appeal to the human eye. One of the simplest yet most effective upgrades you can make is painting your front door. A yellow or red front door is much more likely to catch the eye than a color like white or gray is. If you’re looking to enhance curb appeal and add a pop of color, painting your door is a great solution.

Beautify High-Traffic Areas

Beautifying high-traffic areas like your front hallway, kitchen, and living room is going to be an excellent strategy to help your home sell faster. If that means planning a small kitchen renovation like 14% of homeowners did in 2018, your ROI will be well worth it. Before selling a house, it is also recommended to remove personal items from these rooms. That way, when inspecting the rooms, it’s easier for the potential buyer to picture themselves living in the house.

Replace Your Roof

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any home. It’s your first defense against the elements, after all! If your home’s roof is nearing 10 or 15 years old, then it’s time to consider replacing it. It may seem strange to replace your home’s roof before selling, but a new roof is a surprisingly effective selling point. When a new homeowner knows they won’t need to worry about the roof for another decade or so, they’re more likely to take the plunge.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a marathon. With a few simple home upgrades, you can ensure your home sells quickly and for a great price.