Thursday 2 February 2023
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URMC Researcher Recruiting Couples for Sexual Health Study

By Staff –

Dr. Natalie LeBlanc is recruiting Black Heterosexual Couples to participate in a University of Rochester School of Nursing Study looking at sexual health.

LeBlanc, PhD, MPH is an assistant professor of nursing at the URMC. She says there is a disproportionately high HIV infection rates among people of color.

Women account for 20 percent of new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. each year, with the vast majority of those infections occurring in black and Hispanic women. Although they make up 30 percent of the female population, black and Hispanic women comprise 77 percent of all new HIV cases among women; But 80% of HIV cases are among men.

The study, funded by the Center for Aids Research, is aimed at getting participants’ thoughts and suggestions for an online Sexual Health HIV Prevention Toolkit.

LeBlanc, a graduate of Trinity College (BA), Emory University (MPH), The University of Florida (BS) and the University of Miami (PhD), has a background in the fields of public health, nursing and health research. Her overarching research interests include physiological, social, health service and other environmental factors that contribute to race/ethnic-based health inequity.

“My research interest is focused on sexual health promotion; specifically, my work and practice seeks to contextualize the heightened susceptibility to HIV transmission among vulnerable populations, such as persons of color, women of color including immigrant women,” she noted.

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