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VIDEO: Car Crashes With Stationary Police Vehicle In Texas

TEXAS, USA – A car collided with a stationary police vehicle in the city of Deer Park in Texas on Feb 7.

A video of the collision was shared by the local police of the district to spread awareness amongst the masses about the risk of drunk driving.

“Fortunately, Officer Baggett wasn’t killed or seriously injured in the head-on collision on Centre Street,” said the Deer Park Police Department.

The footage shows how the police vehicle stands still and a car from the wrong side drives towards it and instead of stopping, it collides with the police vehicle.

In the footage, the drunk driver is seen driving alone as the vehicle collides.

Just after the incident, the police officer sitting in the car is heard calling for help. The officer is identified as Officer Baggett. Within a few minutes, some police officers reach the spot for help and investigation.

“There was significant property damage to both our police Tahoe and the suspect’s vehicle. However, unlike smashed people, they can be easily repaired or replaced,” said a police official.

The suspect involved in the incident was not named. The investigation was on when the reports last came in.

The number of drivers involved in property damage crashes are increasing with every passing year. Data shows the lowest number of cases reported in 2011, while the highest number of cases took place in 2018, since 1995. The number of drivers involved in property damage crashes in the U.S road traffic has changed significantly between 1995 and 2018.

Over 8.4 million drivers were reported for such crashes in 2018 only. Most of the cases were motor vehicle crashes, leading to the deaths of people mostly under 55 years of age. Injuries in such crashes are the leading cause of death for people of every age group. Besides, it has a larger economic impact. An analysis by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows an estimate of the economic impact and unreported crashes.

There are different types of crashes causing property losses. Alcohol-related crashes are more frequent as compared to other crashes. On average, 6,337 people were injured each day in a motor vehicle crash in 2013.

The police department of Deer Park decided to release the footage as a warning against driving under the influence of alcohol. They have asked commuters to look for alternatives. Calling a friend or a taxi ride would be appreciated than putting your and others’ lives in danger.

A defendant charged with a traffic violation has to take a driving safety course or motorcycle operator training course.

(Edited by Pallavi Mehra and Shirish Vishnu Shinde)

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