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VIDEO: No Hiding Place: Crook Hiding in attic found by K9 unit Sniffer Dog

ARKANSAS, USA – A burglary suspect surrendered after being sniffed out by the dog squad of the police in a city, in the United States of America.

The burglary attempt occurred in the city of Little Rock in the state of Arkansas. The suspect climbed down the ceiling, after getting several warnings by the police.

The sniffer dog K9 unit of the Little Rock Police detained the suspect while he was allegedly trying to steal from a residence.

The K9 unit were formed to help police track suspects, look for evidences, assist in arrests, search for lost persons and detect the presence of narcotics. Each K9 team consists of an officer and their canine partner.

The Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) warned the suspect multiple times. The suspect finally climbed down the ceiling and was arrested.

“Earlier this morning, officers responded to an alarm downtown. After finding forced entry, the suspect refused to come out. Our K9 and handler were able to locate the suspect hiding in an attic space,” read the tweet of Little Rock Police at 5:14 am on Feb 2. The police have jokingly titled the video as “Can’t hide from a K9. The nose always knows.”

The video footage shared by the Little Rock Police shows how an officer is warning the suspect. “You’ve got a warning, better come out!” said the officer outside the residence. The footage further shows how the suspect was climbing down the attic while police officers kept an eye on him and waited with handcuffs. The suspect is seen wearing grey pants and a green jacket. As he surrenders, the police charged him with several felonies.

Felonies are regarded as more serious than a misdeed. In felonies, the suspect can be charged for more than a year in prison.

The suspect was identified as Cameron Payne, as he was hiding himself in the attic space at the residence.

The Little Rock Police is always on its toes to help the public and is deeply committed to protecting life and property through teamwork. Their mission statement “TRUST” stands for T- Teamwork, R- Respect, U- Understanding, S- Service and T-Transparency.

Similar to other states in the United States, Arkansas has an overall crime rate of 44.37 per 1,000. Little rock, though one of the 50 top safest cities of Arkansas. The city reported a total number of 13,049 cases in 2018. The city has a population of 199,288, with a total number of property crimes of 13,049 in the same year.

A total of 624 property crimes took place in the city since Jan 1, 2021, a 10 percent decrease in the property crime rate over five years. However, there is a 10% increase in burglary and 21.43% increase in stolen vehicles.

(Edited by Pallavi Mehra and Shirish Vishnu Shinde)

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