Saturday 4 February 2023
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Update: Village Changes Controversial Image on Town Seal

By Staff



(Left Original Whitesboro seal; (Right) updated version

(Left) Original Whitesboro seal; (Right) updated version

(Update, September 27, 2017) – The village of Whitesboro has released a new version of its town seal, after controversy last year surrounding what some had previously said was a racist image.

The original seal, created in 1883, depicted what officials called a friendly wrestling match between a white settler and a Native American, not the settler choking the Native American, as opponents of the seal had claimed.

However, although villagers voted to keep the seal the same in 2016, officials decided last year to come up with a new design, after the seal received national attention from Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”  

The village has recently released the following statement regarding the matter:

“The village of Whitesboro worked with an art student to enhance the graphics of the village seal, while maintaining the depiction of the historical encounter between Whitesboro Founder Hugh White, and a member of the Oneidas (Oneida Nation). In addition to enhancing the graphics, the updated seal corrected inaccuracies like the design of the headdress worn by the Oneida, and making the attire of our founder more period specific.”

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(Update, January 22, 2016) : Whitesboro Mayor Patrick O’Connor has announced the village will change the image on its controversial town seal, after residents voted 157 to 55 Jan. 11, to keep the seal the same.

Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” had run a segment featuring the news, both before and after the vote, which, according to reports, may have contributed to the turnaround.

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