Thursday 2 February 2023
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Viral Video Shows North Carolina Cop Body Slamming Teenage Girl to Ground

policeA video recently posted online shows a North Carolina police officer slamming a high school student to the ground before taking her away in handcuffs. Posted earlier this January on Twitter, the nine-second video shows the cop standing in the middle of a group of students, lifting the teenage girl high into the air, and then throwing her to the ground.

According to witnesses, the altercation happened after two girls got into a fight and the third — the one slammed to the ground — tried to intervene to defend her sister.

A 2013 National Business Ethics Survey reports that around 12% of American workers stated that they had witnessed some form of discrimination in their workplace. But, unfortunately, discrimination is happening in high schools, too. And when the alleged perpetrator is a police officer, students have few ways to stand up for themselves; unless, that is, they get the incident on video.

Officer Ruben De Los Santos is one of the two Rolesville High School resource officers assigned to the high school. He has been placed on paid administrative leave until the end of the investigation.

Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles has announced that De Los Santos was wearing a body camera and that the footage will be looked at by authorities. Eagles is working with the Rolesville police department and will be asking the State Bureau of Investigation to further investigate the incident.

In the meantime, Rolesville High’s principal Dhedra Lassiter vows to keep the school community in the loop with the pending investigation. In a voice mail send out to parents, Lassiter assures parents they will be the first to know when something happens.

“I understand this incident brings up questions and conversations about the manner in which we keep students and staff safe in our schools. We will continue to be in conversation as we learn additional information,” Lassiter said.

A friend of the teen reports on Twitter that the girl in question is suffering from a few minor injuries, but nothing serious.