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“Her Voice Carries” to Air on WXXI

Her Voice Carries a film highlighting visual testimonial and public exhibition of women’s voices, produced by local Rochesterians David Marshall and Christine Christopher of Blue Sky Project Films premieres Friday, March 1, 2019 on PBS/WXXI-TV at 10 p.m. and repeats Saturday, March 2 at 5 p.m.

Co-produced Hélène Biandudi Hofer of WXXI Neww, the broadcast coincides with the celebration of National Women’s History Month shares the stories of quietly heroic women, told through their own words and the street art of international mural artist, Sarah C. Rutherford. The film details Sarah’s journey of discovery as she identifies and collects the stories of ordinary-yet-extraordinary women, visually punctuated by the emerging mural art that will honor their work far beyond the neighborhoods they call home.

The film captures the remarkable, but little known work of these community builders in Rochester – a struggling city that is the home to some of the most grim statistics and challenges related to concentrated poverty in the nation. Each woman’s mural was painted in one of the other women’s neighborhoods so that “her voice carries” to another part of the city.

Rutherford’s aim is to create a connected community exhibit to honor the work of these women, and all women who are changing their worlds, one corner at a time. The film seeks to discover what inspires these women, what drives them, what they have seen, why they quietly do what they can.

Rutherford has completed yet a fifth mural in Haverhill, Massachusetts which shares the story of local Teen Empowerment activist, Shalinda Bollar. It is here that the launch of the National Tour begins on May 16, 2019. With Rochester providing the footprint for the first leg of the National journey, Shalinda’s portrait will seed the rest of the Her Voice Carries legacy. The goal of the Project is to install 10-12 murals through 2020 in geographically diverse and receptive cities. Long after the murals are completed, hand-painted, wood-burned portraits of each woman will be sold and installed at permanent public spaces in each city. Currently the Rochester portraits reside in a private collection, Memorial Art Gallery and the City of Rochester’s Thomas P. Ryan Center.

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