Saturday 28 January 2023
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Warren Wants Residents to Participate in Survey Designed to Size-up Rochester with other Cities

By Staff –

The city of Rochester will be participating in the National Citizen Survey for the first time and Mayor Lovely Warren is urging Rochester residents to be a part.

Designed to gather resident opinions on a range of community issues, the survey has been used in more than 350 jurisdictions across 46 states.

Mayor Warren is asking members of the community to provide input on how City government is serving residents and their views about the city.

“We urge those who receive a survey to fill it out and let their voice be heard,” Warren said. “This input will help us as we make plans for our resources and see how we compare with other cities.”

The City is working with the National Research Center Inc. to mail out 2,000 surveys to a select group of households. Individual results will remain confidential but data will be released to the city to help make comparisons with similar cities.

The survey includes questions about quality of life, local policies, demographics and ratings for government services and use of services.

City officials say postcards were mailed out Tuesday to notify survey households of their selection. The actual survey will be mailed on Oct. 16. Survey recipients are asked to respond promptly.

A draft of the results will be shared with the City before the end of the year, with a final report due in January.