Friday 30 September 2022
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What Are Rochester Adults Doing to Our Children?

Editorial by Andrew Jackson Williams, II

Andrew Jackson Williams, II

Since 2011, 10 years ago, there has been infighting between City Hall and the RCSD as to who should have the power to be the boss. There have also been seven District Superintendents, within this same time frame: What’s the matter!

Imagine starting kindergarten in 2011, by the time you complete high school you will have had at least seven separate Administrators directing your education with varying philosophies, strategies and leadership styles. RCSD, how does this history of instability effect or help produce good, productive children into responsible citizens? What examples are being shown among adults with elected and appointed power?

Have Rochester’s elected and appointed officials dismissed their Oath of Office and the fact they pledged, before man and God, to perform their duties and ethnically represent those they serve? While there are dedicated leaders within the RSCD somehow there’s a power struggle within that keeps confusion on the front burner of good and productive efforts.

Parents and teachers have seen no consistency in Rochester’s educational administrations. Our rating within the nation’s educational system is shameful. Why is this and who is directly responsible for this?

Let’s not deflect this Rochester issues by stating what is happening throughout the nation but rather let us face the facts, and focus on what our children’s deserve while they attend the schools within our city limits. They are our business and responsibility and those serving in key positions within the educational arena, those who have chosen this profession.

As Government Officials, Community Activists, Civic leaders, Church leadership, parents and registered voters we must take responsibility for our thoughts, attitudes, and actions and realize our children are suffering because of our irresponsible and immature, power-seeking behaviors.

God gave children as a gift, and entrusted adults to train them up in the way they should go. I think we have missed that mark by a long shot. It’s time for us all to refocus and seek to “bridge all of the divides” that have placed our children on the back burner of educational development and maturing.

As a child, I would often hear adults say, “If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another.” But it wasn’t until last week that I found myself uttering that familiar phrase. Reading and listening to local media reporting the state of affairs within the Rochester City School District (RCSD) Central Office gave me a profound understanding of those words.

Andrew Jackson Williams, II
Rochester native, Registered Voter,

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