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What Are the Best Home Improvements to Sell My Home in Rochester?

If you’re looking to sell your home in Rochester, it’s important to know how you can do so fast and get a great price. Here are the best home improvements you can make to sell your home with less hassle.

A New Garage Door

One of the top projects for homeowners, according to Remodeling Magazine, is replacing the garage door. This earns over 90% return on their investment, making this a home improvement that will be well worth your time. The garage is a versatile space that can be used for a large number of activities, and it also helps improve your home’s curb appeal. Keep this in mind so you can enjoy getting great returns when you put your home on the market with a beautiful and modern garage door.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

If it’s been a while since you painted your house, now is a great time to refresh this paint. Get the same shade of color that was there, so it’s not a drastic change, but more of a refreshment to your home’s walls. Even if you decide to change the color, go for one that’s easy on the eyes and is a calm and neutral shade. Loud and bright colors may be great for certain styles and periods, but they’re generally better as trends and so the color you choose may be a hit or a miss. Stick to a neutral color and allow potential buyers to decide on the color that they want themselves if at all they choose to change it.

Functional Plumbing

In America, there are almost 120,467 plumbing businesses, according to the Hook Agency. This means that you won’t have a hard time finding a good plumber to fix any plumbing issues that your home may be having. Before you put it on the market, it’s a good idea to have your plumbing inspected and fix anything that’s amiss. When you do this, you will be likely to secure satisfied buyers for your home who have nothing at all to complain about. Unless there’s something that’s seriously wrong, you won’t even spend a lot of money on updating your plumbing so there’s nothing to worry about.

Well-Maintained Appliances

Most of the buyers on the market for a new home will pay attention to the type and state of appliances in the house. This is because appliances are generally going to be considerably expensive and no buyer wants to have extra expenses once they have bought a home. Take time to service all your home’s appliances, and replace any that are almost at the end of their lifespan. Doing this will enable you to have an easy time marketing your home to potential buyers, who will have more of their boxes ticked by your home.

Good Flooring

Don’t forget about the floor, which can place your home on a different level. Hardwood is the main choice of floor for other rooms apart from the basement, where the carpet is the main preference. In the survey, 35% chose carpet for the basement while 9% chose wood. A further 6% chose carpet for the kitchen, while 2% picked carpet for the bathroom. In bedrooms and living rooms, more people preferred hardwood over carpet. This information should enable you to know how to upgrade your home’s floors for the most popular results.

Make the home improvements outlined above so you increase your chances of selling your home faster and more easily. You will be likely to recoup your costs and enjoy an amazing sale with satisfied buyers on the other end.