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What Might the Burning of Black Churches and the Killings Therein Suggest

Op/Ed By Wallace Mabry


Perhaps it is time for black people to stop procrastinating, and have a serious, sit-down discussion relative to how we plan to protect ourselves, in an environment where an individual can come into our midst, and kill significant numbers of us.

Maybe all white people are not racists, but how are we to recognize which of them are, and which of them are not?

The frightful reality is that, we will not know until one of them comes into our midst, and murders all of us who are present at the time.

The burning question black people ought to be addressing, then, is not how to take guns out of the hands of white racists who we know are capable of such atrocities, and who are out here, but; how can we protect ourselves from similar, future attacks?

The prosecution of the responsible racist does not alter the fact that black dead bodies continue to pile up, with no let-up in sight.

Gun control is not the panacea. Racists, in general, do not have criminal records, which would deny them the right to buy and own guns. And, if they do have records, their racist friends, who are not convicted felons, will still provide a gun for them.

Gun legislation is a political ploy. Gun legislation provides a prison sentence for felons caught in possession of a gun, and prevents the sale and purchase of certain military type weapons.

But, note well: there are a plethora of assault rifles (military models), which are currently in the hands of white citizens, the great majority of whom train their families (children and wives) in the use of the weapons.

Who among them are racists?

FBI, state police, local law enforcement intervention, and the prayers and offerings of government officials, after the fact, provide no safety assurances for the black dead, or the black living.

What the burning and killing might suggest is that black people need to wake up, so to speak, and come together, which is hardly possible since the only thing we appear to have in common is the pigmentation of our skins (and tone differences even divide us sometimes).

Our history, however, is compelling. We had best come up with some solution to the problem, before we find ourselves eliminated from the human race.