Saturday 28 January 2023
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White House designates Rochester as TechHire Community

By Staff


nyc_tech_talent_pipeline_0The White House has designated Rochester as a “TechHire Community,” and asked the city to partner with local businesses in order to train individuals in the Information Technology (IT) field, then to connect those individuals with paid internships and job openings, a city press release stated.

Mayor Lovely Warren traveled to Washington D.C., Monday for President Barack Obama’s announcement regarding the initiative, and to meet with stakeholders.

“It’s no secret that Rochester has one of the best workforces in the country,” Warren said. “This partnership will give our city a much needed boost by helping our residents find jobs and also attracting employers to our city. I’d like to thank President Obama and our Congressional representatives for recognizing Rochester’s potential to place our residents in 21st Century jobs. Jobs for our residents will mean more vibrant neighborhoods, and more access to a quality education for our children.”

Obama unveiled the program, which White House officials said will offer $100 million in grants to 21 participating regions, at the National League of Cities’ Conference. City Council Vice President Dana Miller and Council members Michael Patterson, Carolee Conklin and Adam McFadden also attended the event.

According to the city, TechHire is a public-private initiative which has been designed to teach Americans IT skills through universities and community colleges, but also by using non-traditional approaches like “coding boot camps,” and high-quality online courses that can rapidly train workers for a job in just a few months. In addition, many of these programs do not require a four-year degree, officials stated.

The communities have been asked to make the following three commitments: work with local employers to expand paid internships, upgrade training programs, and work with trusted organizations to connect newly-trained individuals to open jobs.

As a result, Warren said the city will partner with Monroe Community College in order to develop accelerated certification programs, and recruit non-traditional students to the IT field. In addition, the city’s chief information officer, Lisa Bobo, will work to establish partnerships with local companies.

“Monroe Community College looks forward to partnering with Mayor Warren, the city of Rochester, and leading tech companies to develop accessible, innovative and high-quality training that will prepare a pipeline of skilled IT workers for in-demand, 21st Century jobs,” said Anne Kress, president of Monroe Community College.

Officials said the following additional regions will also be participating in the initiative: Louisville; Colorado; Los Angeles; Nashville; Chattanooga; New York City; St. Louis; Minneapolis; Portland; Philadelphia; Salt Lake City; Kansas City; Detroit; Delaware; San Antonio; Memphis; San Francisco; city of Kearny and Buffalo County, NE; Rural Eastern Kentucky, and Albuquerque.

CLICK HERE for additional information regarding the program.