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Why Many Still Serve the Watchtower, Even After Discovering Their Lies

Op/Ed By Chris Stevenson


chris - big“Conveying hatred toward the only people that showed any real concern or friendship, just because they were not of my faith, was pretty doggone coldhearted.” – Ritchie Mac

Once again, I ask you all to send your children to their rooms, or wherever you feel they may be safe; I’m about to discuss the church. Former Watchtower Bible and Tract Society researcher, and writer, Barbara Anderson sent a message around to several ex-Jehovah’s Witness’ webpages a of couple weeks ago, updating us regarding the latest news in the highly-publicized Candace Conti case:

“The Candace Conti Appellate Court decision came in today. Yes, the Watchtower won – they don’t have to pay Candace punitive damages. Although many think that’s terrible, most of us who have been involved in the Watchtower’s cover-up of child abuse do not.”

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