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Work to Begin On Ithaca Ice Rink Renovation Project

indoor ice rinkLast month at the Ithaca Youth Bureau (IYB) Advisory Board meeting, City of Ithaca Recreational Facilities Director Jim D’Alterio announced that renovations would begin on the Cass Park ice rink in March. According to, the remodeling stage will be in Phase 2 Year 1 of the process and will consist of roof renovations.

The roofing project is estimated to cost about $ 1.3 million and will include roof replacement, lighting fixture replacement, insulation installation, and a new membrane made of PBC that will go over the roof deck.

“We have three bouts scheduled at Cass Park Rink this summer. June 25, July 17, and Aug. 20,” said Juliana Garcia, a member of the BlueStockings hockey team. “We have teams coming from Ontario, Rochester, and Oswego for the bouts, so it would be really unfortunate if we had to cancel the bouts due to construction.”

The renovations will help the facility improve safety, energy efficiency, and overall conditions. The new LED lights they plan to install are projected to be 70% more energy efficient and also make the environment safer as the previous lighting was deemed insufficient.

“The low-e ceiling is in tatters and serves as habitat for birds and rodents,” D’Alterio said. “The roof leakage creates problems for the activities as far as water getting onto the activity surfaces. You have to have a baseline lighting level to be able to have safe active activity. We definitely need to increase those levels.”

The exact roofing material hasn’t yet been decided upon. However, different materials, such as metal roofing, can prove incredibly durable and last for 30 years or more with even minimal maintenance.

This phase of the renovation project is expected to be done by June. The group hopes that next year they will implement Phase 2 Year 2 of the project, which calls for an enclosure system that would improve ventilation. While this is important and a definite goal, the renovations this year were the top priority.

“The work we’re having done this spring was really the most vital work to be able to continue to function,” he said. “This is what needed to happen to be able to maintain the structure and operate as we’ve been operating.”